March 12, 2015

Day 1

HDCH Choir HANDS Team:

We’re finally in the Dominican Republic. The past two days have been a flurry of activity, and sitting here now, it’s hard to recollect everything back into fully formed ideas, but I’ll give it a shot.

Thursday morning we met in the Toronto Airport at the oh-so-lovely hour of 3;00, hung over with exhaustion, yet bursting with excitement even still. There was something about all meeting up and realizing that we were actually going that sparked an energy in our group that remained with us for the rest of the day. Despite a cramped plane on the flight to New York, a four-hour layover in the JFK airport that was filled with cupcakes, McDonald’s runs, and rowdy card games, and a three hour flight after that, somehow the excitement stuck with us for the entirety of our day. That being said, our day wasn’t over, even after our final landing in the Dominican. After stepping off the plane and walking smack-dab into a wall of intense heat, (they weren’t kidding when they said it was hot here) we were greeted by the many friendly and enthusiastic faces of the students from Emmanuel Christian School who we’ll be working alongside this week. Their welcome was warm, and there was an instant bond that was formed in that moment. From there, we hopped on in a van with our new Dominican friends and headed down to the compound that would become our new home for the rest of the week, and though we were all tired, sweaty, and in serious need of some supper, we still gathered together whatever energy we had left and had a wild jam session in the van to end off our action-packed day.


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