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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Extending HANDS outreach to Nicaragua 0 comments

Our Team:

 We are in the early stages of planning for our March 2020 mission trip to Nicaragua. At this point, we are gathering our team, learning more about the HANDS program while focusing our time and energy on the Bautista Libertad School in Managua, Nicaragua. The energy in the group is amazing as we've already met a few times to plan various fundraisers to support our team on this mission trip. 

Our first three fundraisers are already underway and we look forward to the results this will bring for our group to prepare for our trek to Nicaragua.

Please continue to pray for the community we will be building a relationship with in Managua, for EduDeo and for our students as they focus their time and energy on preparing for this mission trip.

Blessings from the HDCH Nicaragua Team

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