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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

UPDATE: Construction Project Proposal 0 comments

Our Team:

Hello everyone,

We thought it would be good to update and inform you with the current information and project plans as recieved from Edudeo. The following is the construction project proposal from Edudeo for Pena de Horeb Christian school in the Dominican Republic.

1. Title of Proposed Project: Pena de Horeb Christian School Expansion

2.Project Details: Constructing additional classrooms so more students will have access to Christian education.

3. Location: Batey Mojarra, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

4. Project Scope

  • Pena de Horeb Christian School is one of the COCREF schools located in a sugarcane village, or Batey, which currently serves serves 218 students from Pre-K through 8th grade. It also provides medical services to students and their families. Students can enjoy snacks and a daily hot meal through their feeding program, which they have been implementing for the last four years. 
  • The school currently has 5 classrooms, 2 restrooms, a dining area, 1 office space and 1 small medical room.
  • The new project involves purchasing a little more space in order to remodel the existing pavilion. Then we will build 10 new classrooms, a larger office space, the remodeling/expansion of the dining area, 3 new restrooms, a conference room/chapel and a playground with a half basketball court. The present application for this coming year (2018-19) is for the construction of 4 new classrooms. 

Information from: John Huizinga


Guido DR HANDS Team

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