March 14, 2017

Day 7

Guido HANDS Team:

Even though today was the last day of work, it was a day full of firsts. We all woke up on time. We were in the dining hall at the same time, eager to get to work. We had our favourite breakfast, PANCAKES, honey dew and sausages :)

This was the first time we were stuck in traffic for over an hour on our way to the job site. It was a shock to us that a building that we had seen yesterday was still smouldering. We realized that not everyone has access to immediate emergency services as we do. Once we arrived at the job site, we all fell out the van from stiffness and stretched our legs quickly before heading straight to work. After painting for an hour, we took a water break. The kids were also having a break, so we took this opportunity to play with them. Then we walked down the street to the church where the children had prepared songs to thank us for the work that we had completed. They also requested us to sing a song for them as well, so we sang the song "Love Jive" in rounds, as this was the song which we had prepared for the church service on Sunday. The children were done school and we were forced to say our goodbyes. There were many hugs and tears as it dawned on us that this would be the last time that we would be seeing each other. We then had a delicious lunch prepared by Louisa, the English teacher at the school. After lunch, we set off to work to finish painting the seven classrooms. JOB FINISHED!! We went together as a team to the rooftop to take pictures with the beautiful view of the town Los Guaricanos. Santos, the principal, delivered a beautiful, heartfelt thank-you with Nathan translating. Let's just say that there were some tears shed. It was then that we truly understood the importance of short-term mission trips and building relationships with our brothers and sisters in other countries. We were all strengthened by each other's love for Christ and the amount of Christ's love that is shown through the communion of saints.

The ride home we experienced another first. Brooke was riding in the passenger seat and was spotted by a young Dominican taxi cab driver. He crossed over 2 lanes of the highway to get beside our van. He was yelling at Nathan to tell Brooke to give him her number. While he was looking over at the van, he drove into the car in front of him. This was the first time we witnessed a car accident in the second most dangerous country to drive. We were at a stoplight and watched as the driver from the vehicle that was rear ended exit his vehicle to inspect the damage. The light turned green and we toke off before we could watch what would enfold next.

We went back to the camp and were the first team to get to the pool as the Chatham team had beat us every other work day. We eagerly soaked up the sun rays.

For supper we had rice, chicken, potato salad and another dish that we do not know the name. After supper, some of us played soccer and then cooled off by sitting by the pool.

Tessa led us in devotions and we read from John 14:1-4. We talked about the elect and how we should live our lives knowing that Christ is preparing the ultimate resting place for us. Throughout the trip the topic of moral filth has been re-occurring. We have thought a lot about the things that need to be cut out of our lives in order to live for Christ first.

We thank God for the emotional, physical and spiritual strength that He has blessed us with today.


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