March 12, 2017

Day 5

Guido HANDS Team:

Today was Sunday and it was a beautiful, sunny day. The time change in Canada messed us up this morning, so we all woke up at 7 when we were planning on getting up at 8. We drove to church and got there around 10. We stayed for three hours of the service, and Pastor Hilmer preached. The service involved a lot of (very loud) singing, and our team went up and sang Love Jive (a lot quieter than everyone else sang, but we think they liked it). After church we went out for lunch at a Chinese restaurant, and the food was really good. Then we went back to the homestead and went in the pool and hung out. Then a few of us played cards, and then had dinner. After dinner, some of us went and played basketball (the girls won), and some of us talked. Next we did devotions, and sang lots of songs, accompanied by Brent, on the guitar again. Then some of us played some soccer, and some of us talked more. After that we played cards again, and went to bed.  


Karla M Ponce
Mar 13, 2017 at 4:06 pm

I'm glad that your team was able to share a song at the church service. It also must have been very special for Pastor Hilmer to share with the congregation!

Mar 14, 2017 at 9:10 am

Looking good, team!! I hope you're enjoying your time in this beautiful country. Say hi to Victor and Daniel and Billy and Guido for me!! I don't know if you'll see this here, but if you guys are making a trip to the market still I would absolutely love it if you could get me a bottle of the clear pure vanilla extract!!! I will pay you back in full if you are able to do this. I picked up a bottle a few years ago and it has run out. Thanks in advance either way!! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Mar 15, 2017 at 10:10 am

So glad to hear and see that you are having such a good time! We love reading the updates and especially love seeing pictures:). Hope you're enjoying the sun and warmth while we dig out of the snow over here:)...Praying the rest of your week will be blessed as well!

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