March 10, 2017

Day 1-3

Guido HANDS Team:

Hõla everyone, and welcome to the blog of the Guido HANDS team. I hope you enjoy following along with us on this journey.

Day 1 – March 8

                This morning, at 5:00 am, we all met in Grimsby, and then drove to the Buffalo airport. We took a few wrong turns on the way there, but it all worked out; we made it. The flight to New York went well, and there were a few first-time flyers who had a great time other than being a little nervous. We were in New York for about an hour and a half, where we ate dinner, and from there we flew to Santo Domingo. We were met at the airport by a very nice man named Vlademir, who helped us get through customs and out of the airport. When we walked out of the airport we were smacked in the face by the heat. The lovely, wonderful heat. We were met by Nathan and Stephen, and from there we boarded the cutest, curtained little bus, and Nathan and Stephen drove ahead of us in their car. We made our way through some serious traffic. When we reached the beautiful Carreterra Buenos Nuevas (a.k.a. the Homestead) we got settled in, had dinner, and went to bed.

Day 2 – March 9

                Today we had breakfast together at 8 am, and then Mario came and talked to us about what we were going to be doing here in the DR, and how we were to act, etc. Then we all piled in the 15-seater van, and drove to the school/ jobsite. When we got there, we visited each classroom, and interacted with the children and the teachers, which was really special. We worked till around 4:00 pm, and we were served generous amounts of snacks, drinks, as well as a massive lunch. It was hard work, but happy work. At the end of the work day a few of us played pass with the kids, which was very enjoyable for both us and them. When we got back to the homestead, we jumped in the pool, and then we had dinner. After dinner, some of us showered, some of us played cards, and some of us just talked. Before bed we played cards, had devotions, and then sang lots of songs, while Brent accompanied us on the guitar. Once we were in bed, we took a while to settle down (especially the girls), and it didn’t help matters that the London team arrived, so Lauren decided she had to get out of her bed and welcomed them. She walked to the door, only to find that Alyssa had locked it, so she proceeded to bang on the door (very hard), and yell “Hõla!” as loud as she possibly could. Eventually, however, we did settle down, and everyone fell into a restful sleep (well almost everyone). Today we learned how generous the people here in the Dominican are, and how kind, and we learned that we are able to communicate with them quite easily, despite the language barrier.

Day 3 – March 10

                 We were all up, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for breakfast at 7 am, but breakfast wasn’t ready for us…till 8… but we survived. After a wonderful breakfast, we got ready, and then piled in the van again. When we arrived at the school, we didn’t get to work right away because we played with the kids first for a little while. Today we painted the rooms we had sanded yesterday. While some of us were painting, some of us were also clearing the neighbour lady’s alleyway of the rubble that had landed there.  While it left some of us be-speckled, the painting was great fun. We again enjoyed a grand lunch, and played some more with the kids. Today we left the school at 3:30, and when we got back, we went in the pool again, for a refreshing dip. For some reason, both today and yesterday, it was hot and humid while we were working, but as soon as we got back went in the pool, it got cool and cloudy. Very inconvenient. After a little while we went to dinner, some of us went and played soccer (Guido vs. London) and when the soccer players came back we played an intense game of Jungle Speed. We all experienced our first torrential downpour during our devotions. We could see God’s presence as Sarah began to pray and the rain slowed down. Just as she said ‘Amen’ the sound of the rain on the tin roof suddenly grew louder. At the moment we’re all just chilling; playing games, playing guitar, talking, finishing off the blog.. etc. We plan to finish off tonight with lots of praise and worship songs and more games until we’re too tired to blink. Adios amigos!


Karla-Maria Ponce
Mar 13, 2017 at 2:22 pm

Thanks for these updates, team. Praying for the rest of your stay in the DR!

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