March 17, 2015

Day 6- Last day of work

Guido 2015 HANDS Team:


Today we awoke to our last day of work, because tomorrow we’re going to visit some other COCREF schools in the area. We were mixed with both joy and sadness. We were happy it was the last day working in the heat but we were sad we couldn’t get to know the kids and teachers even better.


After getting ready and eating breakfast, we drove to Renacer for the last time. Once arriving, we took a picture with our EduDeo shirts on. Most of us didn’t want to get them dirty, so we brought other work shirts to change into after we took the picture. Surprisingly we were all very co-operative and managed to get a good shot in one picture. We didn’t have to go camera happy like Braelyn usually does. “Four pictures is standard. One Jesse isn’t looking; two Dustin is blinking; three my hair looks awful; four Serena isn’t smiling. See, four still isn’t enough!”


Throughout the morning, we continued to peel and scrape some walls and then paint them. Over the past couple days, we’ve been having a “contest” over who can peel off the longest piece of paint. Everyone had their own tactic but Jesse was the winner with his steady hands and patience. Moi Beuno Jesse!


During a break from work, we had the opportunity to play with some of the kids. Dustin and a few of the younger boys were all throwing a basketball around, which was fun until the ball (thrown not by Dustin) hit one of the boys in the face and broke his glasses. We also got many pictures with the kids. They were all screaming, “Americanos! Americanos!” and getting all up in our faces with the cameras so we did the same back to them yelling, “Dominicanos! Dominicanos!” They found that pretty funny and continued on like they had before. The plan had backfired. 


After our break, we continued painting the walls. Okay, so maybe we ended up getting more paint on ourselves then on the walls but that’s a minor detail. Dustin, Braelyn, Emily and Serena were all talking when Dustin decided to hit Serena with his paintbrush (he is convinced that Serena started it (classic)). Next thing we knew, the four of them were yelling and screaming and running around trying to get more paint on each other. Kezia was laughing so hard, so Dustin and Braelyn began chasing her around yelling, “You think this is funny?!” When Dustin tried to do the same to Anna, she really got him back with her ninja skills and painted one half of his face white. Mr. Scott ended up having to confiscate the paintbrushes, after Dustin got some paint in Serena’s mouth.


During our lunch break, we walked through part of the neighbourhood around Renacer. Our “guide” was one of the young students, who led us through a very smelly market. He also made us climb through a little hole in a fence to get into a park, which Serena and Emily both fell through. Dustin, Jesse and the young boy were throwing rocks at a water bottle, when Dustin grabbed a huge rock and joked about throwing it. They were sitting at the top of the hill, and Anna was at the bottom, so we thought maybe we should warn her that there was a giant rock coming her way. However, the rock was thrown with no warning, and almost hit Anna. Her Ninja skills came into play again when she ended up turning and placing her hand directly on the rock, which was extremely ironic and hilarious.  We relaxed in the shade of the park for a few minutes when suddenly we were told to leave, and quickly. Turns out, some of the men in the park were talking about the best way to rob us.


After lunch, we said our final goodbyes to the children, who get to leave school at 1:00 (Guido teachers: we feel this would be very beneficial to us at home as well). One of the girls was so sad and started crying when she found out Brandi was leaving, because she was so special to her. Brandi, Victoria and Taylor had let them play with their hair and they had made some connections with the girls. It was so sweet and made a few of us teary. Once saying goodbye to the children, we continued working. We ended up leaving the school with seven rooms and two hallways painted, one room ready for painting, a whole lot of amazing memories, and MANY friend requests. 


Once we got back to our camp, almost everyone jumped in the pool. As soon as we got in, it began to rain. It was a very refreshing swim, which allowed the victims of the paint war to get rid of all the paint caked in their hair and on their arms and legs. We had a relaxing evening, playing games and talking and, of course, taking advantage of the WIFI (which had been gone for a whole day!).


Thank you all for your continual support. It seems surreal that we are leaving in only a couple days, but we’re all so thankful for all the memories and fun times we’ve shared here. God bless!





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