March 15, 2015

Day 4- Church

Guido 2015 HANDS Team:

What a day. We started off the day with some lovely French toast for breakfast. Then we headed off to the church God is my Peace. It was a really small church and the pastor, Mario, said that only about 75 people go there. The sermon was beautifully written, and he spoke in Spanish and translated into English for us. The people in the church were very welcoming, they all kissed us on the cheek and gave us hugs. It was very interesting to see the difference in cultures, the singing was very passionate and loud.

After church, Mario and his family took us out for Chinese food, which is apparently a very cultural thing because since it’s a day of rest, their family rests from cooking. We shared a bunch of different plates. We discovered that Josh has many talents other than eating a lot of bananas. He went 5 ½ minutes without blinking, which impressed us all.

On the way home, our spirits were raised, and after Jesse’s lead we all broke out into song, ‘The piano man.’

When we arrived back at camp, we discovered other white people! Our camp had been opened up to visitors to use the pool. It was very busy and loud, we heard lots of Shakira music. Some of us played some soccer, ball provided by our new friend Delton. Others took naps, tanned, swam, or read books. It was a very relaxing afternoon.

Dinner was pretty eventful! We had Italian spaghetti, which obviously leads to spaghetti eating contests. Braelyn, Anna, James, and Delton took part in this event. Braelyn was very tactful trying to distract James. Fun Fact: James’ feet are very ticklish. Anna won this contest.

After dinner, a bunch of us decided to explore past the wall and into the neighbourhood. Next thing we know, James is grabbed by the hand and we’re singing in a church! There were a lot of singing and dancing happening and it was very interesting to see. We walked into a group of children who were all very excited to see us and kept yelling “Americano!!”

After getting back we started devotions. We talked about the difference between our church and theirs. Delton attended our devotions today and offered many positive comments, based off his personal life, which was very moving.

Braelyn decided to make some new friends with the security guards here. They were taking pictures of her drinking coffee and showed her. She was soon taking selfie’s with him and his Taser, while he was stroking her hair. Don’t worry Mr and Mrs. Bosch, she’s not married yet.

As you can see from the underlined words, we were very cultural today!

Thanks for all your support! Peace, love, and swag.

Eso es todo (That’s just it)

P.S. Mrs. Alkema, yes we have now realized that Jesse cannot rap. He can’t ball either, despite the constant ‘Ball is life’ as he misses the garbage can. You are correct in saying that there are bedbugs. The caretakers are trying to deal with it!


Mar 16, 2015 at 10:17 am

Sounds like a great day! It is amazing how God works in the hearts of believers all over the world.

We really enjoy reading the updates. Keep them coming. Hopefully you figure out the photo problem. We would love to see the results of your hard work.

Here's hoping the bedbugs stay home!

Mar 17, 2015 at 9:52 pm

Just for the record Jesse was a least 50-50 for his bball shots. Should've seen his bannana peel toss from 20ft.Haters gonna hate, ballers gonna ball. And I'm pretty sure he hasnt slayed any lyrics (rapped) all week on purpose.

Anonymously Anonymous
Mar 17, 2015 at 10:09 pm


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