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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Home Again 0 comments

Our Team:

Hello All

We have all arrived back safely from the Dominican. Leaving was bittersweet - it was nice to go home, but so hard to say goodbye. The relationships we were able to build are truly a blessing, and it is hard to believe that our time together has come to an end so quickly.  

As a whole, our trip was a very enlightening experience, and one we will never forget. Besides being immersed in a new culture, we learned a lot from the people around us. Seeing the faith of the people there, their generosity and the way that they lived, has impacted us and taught us a valuable lesson. Our lives at home are so different, we have so much, yet there is a common faith that binds us all. The evidence of Christ's love is so clear, and it was wonderful to see how God is working also in the Dominican.

This trip has been a wonderful blessing, which we are truly thankful for. 

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Our Last Day at Work 0 comments

Greetings from Republica Dominicana!

Today was our last day at work, and it was only a half day. We helped move more gravel, plaster, and sand, before saying goodbye to our fellow workers. Despite the language barrier, we have become good friends over the last week, and it was not easy to say goodbye. The foreman, the principal, and one of the workers, Jose, said a few words, which our faithful guide, Victor, translated for us. They thanked us for our work, and wished us God's blessings as we go our seperate ways. 

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day 6 3 comments


Just a quick update for today. We went to work again, and carried sand and gravel. We did it a little bit differently today - Instead of taking all the buckets up the stairs, we used a "pulley" system, where we hooked our pails onto the end of a metal rod, and one of the local workers, Niko, stood on the other side of the railing upstairs and lifted them over to us. It was definitely an easier for us, though I am not so sure about Niko. All the locals are extremely hard workers, and we just try our best to help them and keep up with them. 

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Monday, March 10, 2014

Day 5 1 comment

Hello again!

So this morning we went right back to work after a beautiful Sunday serving God. We went to our Dominican chaperone Victor's church and enjoyed some singing and listening to a sermon. After church, we went and toured the old city and learned about some of the history of the Dominican. We also made a quick stop at the beach.

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