March 15, 2012

Day Eight

Guido HANDS Team:

Well we're back and we had an amazing day to wrap up our trip!  We started our day with a trip to a school in the batay (the Haitain comunity that has come here for work but has no citizenship or rights).  The material poverty we witness leaves quite an impact, yet we are always amazed at the happiness we  see radiating from the children and staff at the schools.  The work done here truly is a blessing.

 As we are leaving the community our wonderful driver Daniel has to navigate around the goats, cows, chickens and roosters on the dirt path.  When he gets to the paved roads the other cars and motorbikes are probably more of a challenge!!  We've seen motorbikes with families of 5 on them - not a helmet in sight.

 At the school we sang for the kids (2 Spanish songs) and performed a short skit that the kids loved,  and we loved doing it too--especially Thomas as  he was tugged at and prayed over multiple times.  You can ask us to explain when we get back.    We repeated this  performance at 3 more schools after a delicious lunch of chinese food.  We finished with this performance at the school we worked at all week and we all loved having one more chance to see the kids there.  That part of our day would  in itself have been rewarding enough, but then this evening (after waiting patiently for some order-in pizza for about 90 minutes)  the highschool students from the school  on the premises wanted to teach us a traditional Dominican dance.  It was lots of fun! We got to show off our skills with a hula hoop(go Matt and Brendan) and then with balloons around our  ankles we had to pop the balloon of ouir partner(I think Evan held out the longest).  Finally we got to the dance and we will post some pictures to give you an idea!

It is hard to believe our week is wrapping up - we have all loved our time here and ask you to pray for the work here and also for us to have safe travels home.  Hope to see you tomorrow!

for the team,  Marg DeJong


Mar 16, 2012 at 8:30 am

Can't wait to see you home!! Looks like your last day was an enjoyable one! I hope that you all feel like you have made an impact. Praying for safe travels.

EduDeo Staff
Mar 16, 2012 at 9:56 am

Looks like a great opportunity to grow in cultural intelligence. Here is an article for the parents of the children coming home today:

Let them talk - they have much to process.

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