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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day Nine: Home! 0 comments

Our Team:

hello all!

We were all very sad to have to leave DR this morning... we have grown rather accustomed to the place! It truly felt like home for the week-and-a-bit! Thanks to all our hosts for making this such an enjoyable experience!!

So we woke up around 7 and breakfasted at 7:30 this morning. We then packed and did our team devotions before we left the ministry for the airport at 11:00 with our pals :)

Our flight left right on time around 2:00 pm and we landed safely and on time in JFK around 6:00. Our second flight left at 8ish after dinner, and we landed in CANADA (we were very happy to see friendly customs officers) twenty minutes early! Most of our parents came to meet us at the terminal, and despite our being fairly unwilling to leave DR, we were actually happy to be home (I would personally return in a heartbeat!)

Adios, Republica Dominicana! Hopefully we can return soooooon!!! 


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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day Eight 2 comments

Well we're back and we had an amazing day to wrap up our trip!  We started our day with a trip to a school in the batay (the Haitain comunity that has come here for work but has no citizenship or rights).  The material poverty we witness leaves quite an impact, yet we are always amazed at the happiness we  see radiating from the children and staff at the schools.  The work done here truly is a blessing.

 As we are leaving the community our wonderful driver Daniel has to navigate around the goats, cows, chickens and roosters on the dirt path.  When he gets to the paved roads the other cars and motorbikes are probably more of a challenge!!  We've seen motorbikes with families of 5 on them - not a helmet in sight.

 At the school we sang for the kids (2 Spanish songs) and performed a short skit that the kids loved,  and we loved doing it too--especially Thomas as  he was tugged at and prayed over multiple times.  You can ask us to explain when we get back.    We repeated this  performance at 3 more schools after a delicious lunch of chinese food.  We finished with this performance at the school we worked at all week and we all loved having one more chance to see the kids there.  That part of our day would  in itself have been rewarding enough, but then this evening (after waiting patiently for some order-in pizza for about 90 minutes)  the highschool students from the school  on the premises wanted to teach us a traditional Dominican dance.  It was lots of fun! We got to show off our skills with a hula hoop(go Matt and Brendan) and then with balloons around our  ankles we had to pop the balloon of ouir partner(I think Evan held out the longest).  Finally we got to the dance and we will post some pictures to give you an idea!

It is hard to believe our week is wrapping up - we have all loved our time here and ask you to pray for the work here and also for us to have safe travels home.  Hope to see you tomorrow!

for the team,  Marg DeJong

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day Seven 7 comments

Hola Canadiences! 

Today was a lot like yesterday, we woke up, went to work, worked... There was more work for us today, which was good. We also didn't have to do any rebar, much to Rachel's relief after she spent the night dreaming about it :S 

Some worked on the roof, while others secured supports on the ground. It was an overall team effort and we got a lot done (see pictures). 

There was the regular fight for the first shower which for the guys means whoever can run the fastest out of the gua-gua (van), aka Evan (no one really knows how he does it :) ) 

Some of us walked to the variety store-tuck shop thing and bought RD$ 15 Coca-Cola ($0.45)! 

Now we're just hanging out, like always, the guys claiming they need their 1/2 hour down time after 'stressfull' devotions!! 

Our buddy Billy brought us sugar cane, which most of us have been sucking on since dinner. It's a unique experience!

Until tomorrow, Rachel, Kristen, Belinda & Mallory (aka Malaria)

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day Six 11 comments

Thomas and Willem here. Today was a ridiculously incredible day. We woke up a tad drowsy but quickly our weary spirits were lifted when we started experimenting with Fire. We enjoyed a quick serving of deepfried eggs and a fresh, oh so fresh serving of mangoes. It was a experience that happened, (ohh yes it did). 

We were then transported to the worksite. The day was full of hard work and burning sun, and lack of sunscreen. We, as a team had a member recieve a massive ear blister, and this person would rather they didn't have it. The day was rather progressive, we finished the towers of Re-bar. Then Matt V took a heroic tumble off the roof. His reason for falling was his competive drive to complete the school and to capture a smile. He will be fine. However earlier in the week Rachel also fell off her chair, in the middle of a food court (which happened to be quite busy), we and the Dominican population were brought together by the power of laughter. Thankyou Rachel young grasshopper. She fell for no reason, unlike Matt.

We ended the day by ending it. Some of us caught the scenery up on the rooftop while eating a marmalade sandwich. Some of the males went to get some soda pops. We also were delighted that we could eat supper at a appropriate time, and place. We did other things and activities and stuff that we have already mentioned. K-lo-k, Canada. I like to give a shout out to Lennart Devisser. Untill the next time we post a blog on the edudeo website, 

Willem and Tom


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