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Friday, March 4, 2016

Our bodies may have landed... 3 comments

Our Team:

But our hearts are still in the air...

What an incredible experience!

Be good to your soul people, and join a Hands Team.

You won't regret it.


And to our new friends in Nicaragua: if you are half as blessed ...or a we are by this trip, then it shall be considered a roaring success all the way around.


May God continue to bless the work of EduDeo, and a special blessing request for Peter and Trudy Kuipers, and Lester.





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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Another good day 8 comments

Today "the women" painted the beams for the roof, and the guessed it...just kept on digging.

If you are ever in need of hole diggers, you have got to give these guys a call, professional in every sense of the word!


Tomorrow will be our last day of work, Thursday is travel day.

As these things tend to go: ridiculously fast. Trusting that our time here will be a blessing to our new friends, and to us.


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Monday, February 29, 2016

Backater 1 comment

Today was a good day.

We finished tying all the rebar, and all the roof supporting columns are up.

We started the day off visiting preschool #1, the school we are working on will be preschool #2  for this little community. It will mean that more little ones will get to go/stay in school, because they will not have to walk the 3+kilometers.


Today was a good day


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Sunday, February 28, 2016

beach day 2 comments

Today was truly a day of rest. 

Starting with a lively church service, worshipping with our Nicaraguan brothers and sisters...made us think....we could really learn to let loose...even just a little would be an improvement. (Everybody keep an eye on Gertie next Sunday).

After church, an hour's drive to the beach and on the way, we witnessed the volcano "Momotombo" blow! That was exciting for sure.

For devotions each night we are watching the videos that accompany the "When Helping Hurts" book. It's great material, we all highly reccommend it. Edu Deo follows the approach to poverty found in this book, and it is certainly worth the read/watch. Makes me even more proud to be partnering with this ministry.

Here is a link to the videos, they are very short, and really pack a punch.

Watch all the way to the end of video 6 and you automatically receive a FREE prize!!!!

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