January 21, 2014


Grimsby HANDS Team:

Hello again.

Today was quite a day for us here in the town of Diriamba.  We took a bus from the Nehemiah Center to Bautista Emmanuel.  When we got there, we were introduced to the principal, the pastor and all of the teachers (school is out here and there are no kids at the school).  The teachers were all happy to see us and were grateful that we had come to help with the construction of their school.  Right now, the school is all on one level and is really not big by North American standards but they somehow manage to teach 400 students there.  Some of the teachers have been working there for years and a few of them had actually been students of the present principal.  We also met the local men who would be working with us.


After introductions, it was down to work (sorry, what I really mean is WORK!).  Our job for the next three days is to pour concrete for the new second floor of the school building.  The problem with any second floor is really the elevation difference from where you’re mixing the concrete compared to where you’re pouring the concrete.  After it’s mixed, all of the concrete has to be lifted by hand in 5 gallon buckets up to the second floor, then dumped into wheelbarrows and then wheeled to the spot on the floor where it’s needed.  We worked from about 9am till about 3:30 with a couple of short breaks.  We were thankful that God sent a bit of cloud cover for the morning and a nice breeze for the whole day, even so, it’s hot here.  

When the day was over we looked back over our work and we were happy to see that we were even a bit ahead of schedule.  Tomorrow will be more concrete work, probably a bit slower tomorrow (depending on how we all feel when we get up tomorrow morning).

We’re now back at the guest house in Diriamba and the shower (cold) felt good.  Dinner is coming up soon and I’m sure that it won’t be a late night for anyone.  

All in all an excellent first day.  God is good!

adios for now.


Rose Schulenberg
Jan 21, 2014 at 8:30 pm

do I see Peter Kuipers? No wonder you are working hard - he's like a machine!

Enjoy getting to know the construction team :)

Randy Vermeer
Jan 22, 2014 at 7:22 am

Yes,Rose, you do see Peter Kuipers and yes he is like a machine.

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