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Friday, January 31, 2014

it's Friday! 3 comments

Our Team:

Hello everyone

It's Friday morning.  My job was supposed to have been over by now.  It's not.

We spent a long night in the airport (a first for most of us).  The floor of the Atlanta airport is rather hard and it's bright and noisy all night.  Nevertheless, all of us got at least a few hours of sleep and we are all ready to go this morning.  This morning we had a nice walk from the 'E' concourse of Atlanta airport to the 'A' concourse (about a 20 minute walk).  If you've never been to ATL, this place is big!

Right now, our plane is at the gate and hopefully there's a crew around somewhere to fly it.  At this point, the departures board says that we are on time for a 10:31am takeoff.  About two hours to Buffalo and then home.

We're all looking forward to a hot shower and our own beds.

Hope to see you all soon.


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Friday, January 31, 2014

home safely 1 comment

At about 12:30 this afternoon, we finally touched down in Buffalo.  It's good to be home.

Thanks to all of you for following along and living this experience with us.  Thanks for your prayers and support.

A special thank you to our drivers who delivered us safely to Buffalo on the 20th and then were waiting for us when we returned.  Thanks Fred and Jerry, we really appreciate it. (and thanks Paul for organizing that).

As for me, I've really enjoyed writing this blog as well.  It really gave me a chance to think about what went on each day, to sift through it all and pass along some of the highlights.  It's been a pleasure.

One last thing, and I believe that I'm speaking for the whole team when I say this, if you ever have an opportunity to go on a trip like this one, DO IT!  It was such an eye opener for all of us.  Neither words nor pictures (or blogs) can adequately tell the story, you really need to live it and experience it for yourself.  You will be blessed by the experience.

Vaya con dios


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Thursday, January 30, 2014

(very) early Thursday 0 comments

Good morning

It's 4:20am on Thursday.  We're expecting Peter here in about 40 minutes to pick us up for the airport.  Weather delays in Atlanta have been a problem and the plane that we are supposed to be taking there got in very late last night (at least I'm assuming it got in).  

I've checked the Managua airport website and it looks like our flight out of here will be delayed for about 2 hours.  We are going to head out to the airport on time anyway and wait there.  

Our original layover in Atlanta was supposed to be 2:07 so if our second flight is on time it will be close.  No matter how things go, it will probably be a long day.  Please pray that things go well and that we all arrive home safely tonight.

I'll update the blog with info if I can.

see you all soon

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday travel update 0 comments

Hello all:

It's 10:50am and our airplane has just arrived here from Atlanta.  It's nice to see that some planes are getting out of there.  We're supposed to start boarding in about 15-20 minutes, then off to Atlanta.  I suspect it will be a bit chaotic there, should be quite an experience.  

I'll try to update you from ATL.


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