February 8, 2017

Day: Nine

Golden Horseshoe HANDS Team:

Our final work day included building some forms for the concrete to be poured in the trenches we dug over the last few days. This took the better part of the day.  Some other team members continued to diligently wash and paint the steel beams for the roof.

Morning school was in session as we worked directly outside the classroom ‘windows’. These openings are screened with wrought iron but no glass.  It was interesting to observe the ability of the majority of the students and teachers to focus while we hammered, shovelled and tamped.  These Nicaraguan students might possibly be thinking that if those white folks had only gotten an education they wouldn’t have to do this hard manual labour.  The students are smiling and friendly and that is as far as most of our communication went.

Around mid-afternoon we were invited to the church (school auditorium) where various age-groups of dancers demonstrated their talents.  The church pastor and the principal expressed their thanks to God for bringing our team to Nicaragua.  Our team led the school in song with “If you happy and you know it….” and the students seemed to know the Spanish version.  After presentation of plaques to both the Ontario and theWestern Canada team leaders we were happy to return and mix, wheel barrow and pour some more cement.  The rest of the afternoon passed quickly and soon we departed the school work site for the last time.

Supper at 6 PM was followed by a debriefing session with Lesther, Peter and his wife Trudy. There was opportunity for each team member to share their story relating to what impacted them most during this trip. We then had our last full team devotional time during which we watched the final video segment of “Helping without Hurting”.  Time was spent sharing our life verses and then we closed our trip and evening with thanks to God for His gracious care and blessings. Final farewells were said and then time to pack and sleep.

End Note:  From Nicaragua’s perspective I might be considered a “persona non grata” and forever banned from returning.  It is to my shame and guilt that I confess to flushing some toilet paper on two separate occasions.  I trust all my readers to not advise the authorities.



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