February 5, 2017

Day: Six

Golden Horseshoe HANDS Team:

Today is Sunday and we had the privilege of worshiping in a large church with everything happening in Spanish for the first forty-five minutes. There was a praise team leading us in enthusiastic, joyful singing and clapping accompanied by colourfully dressed girls expressing their praise in dance.  We were then blessed by a forty-five minute sermon on the topic of our freedom in Christ, using 2 Corinthians 3:17 as the text.  An interpreter stood alongside the pastor to translate into English for all the visitors so the message could be a blessing to all.

After church we returned to the Nehemiah Centre for some coffee and lunch followed by a one-hour ride to the Pacific Coast.  Time was then spent with rather brief stays in the waves of the ocean, in reading and conversation.

Question: How does one get around and find where one has to go when in Nicaragua, street name signs do not exist? 

Directions to any place usually start with a known larger stoplight intersection defined by a business or landmark of some sort.  From that intersection one could be told to travel 11 blocks south and 3 blocks west and then one would find one’s destination across the street from where the shoe store used to be. 

That makes us all the more thankful to Peter and Lesther for taking the responsibility of driving our team during our stay.


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