February 3, 2017

Day: Four

Golden Horseshoe HANDS Team:

We have all concluded that we are well fed but it has been noted that every single meal offers rice and beans.  Sometimes mixed and sometimes separate.  Meat has varied from chicken to beef to fish.  The chicken, with bone in, came at lunch and we are always provided with only a spoon.  When dining in this way the fingers are automatically cleaned as one manually tackles the chicken.  Our God is also the God of bacteria and we are trusting in His interfering with those that might be planning to put our intestines on trial.  Time will tell.

Today included some trench digging and some concrete work in the remaining 5 holes to stabilize the rebar reinforcement for the columns.  A group of us also worked on preparing some steel beams for the structure once the posts are finally done.   The task of that stage will fall to the next team that comes.  Steel beams that are used in Nicaragua come with an oily coating to inhibit rust.  This coating gets washed off with water and dish soap, followed by a wipe with paint thinner.   Not a bad job if you don’t cut yourself on the sharp edges and if you don’t mind getting your shoes wet in the washing process.  Two coats of paint finish the preparation.  

After lunch the principal of the school shared some of the school’s rocky history and how God has miraculously provided for the school since it began in 2002.  The 3 new classrooms are to house their expansion into the high school grades. Until these are done the grade school classes will go from 7 AM to 1 PM and the high school will use the facilities in the afternoon.  The special ongoing relationship that Edudeo has with these schools is what will provide the encouragement for the principals to express their obvious passion for the children in their community.


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