February 2, 2017

Day: Three

Golden Horseshoe HANDS Team:

For another day God has provided for our needs though our muscles are protesting our spirits and humour remain high.

By the end of the day all 17 holes were dug, rebar post reinforcement stood up in the holes and concrete wheel-barrowed in to make their new home permanent.  Tomorrow will be another exciting digging opportunity, because each post has to be interconnected with concrete which then requires a 1-foot wide by 2-feet deep trench to be dug.  These will be filled with concrete and rebar as well.

To publish blog messages on the Edudeo website proves to be more cumbersome than officially stated so we won’t even entertain the indicated possibility of attaching any pictures.  Each team member will have to show their own pictures upon their return.

In our evening devotions and discussions we focused on poverty and whether our methods to provide assistance here and at home are really the way that God calls us to do them.  This topic we will continue to unpack for the next 5 days as we watch a series of videos entitled “Helping Without Hurting”.  



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