February 1, 2017

Day: Two

Golden Horseshoe HANDS Team:

God is gracious and has seen us through another day.  We have now dug 12 holes and we have 5 more to do tomorrow.  We dug through layers of gravel, dirt and the most challenging was the clay.  We pounded the clay with pry bars to break into about an inch of clay after which we jump back into the holes and shovel that amount out only to repeat the process.  This all becomes more challenging as the hole reaches a depth of about 5 feet.  Dirt in our shoes, dust stuck to our sunscreen and all the while, camaraderie with wisecracks, friendly teasing, laughs and comments like “Get back in your hole”, Don’t bother me, I’m in my hole, “One foot in the hole” and “If you hit lava, you’ve gone too far”.  Temperature of 34 C with a steady breeze and periodic clouds made the day’s work bearable.

We are now a team of 12, as our new friends from western Canada arrived safely, which made us a far more productive bunch.  Besides digging our holes, some of us worked on preparing rebar structures which will reinforce the concrete which we will start to mix and pour in the holes tomorrow afternoon, all being well.  And yes, we also unloaded 100 lb. bags of cement and a few tons of sand and gravel from non-dumping trucks. 

 During the afternoon a group of local students doing service work joined some of our team with the intent to practice the English language.  The interaction was a blessing.

 The evening devotional was spent in reflecting on Psalm 139 and recognizing our uniqueness and that as men and women now sitting in a circle in Nicaragua we are the sum total of all the good and bad things that God has allowed to be part of each of our  lives.  God has been our ever-present sustenance and continues to graciously provide for our families and our team as we seek to do His will.


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