January 31, 2017

Day One

Golden Horseshoe HANDS Team:

Roosters started at about four in the morning but they were not as sleep disturbing as the chorus of 3 men snoring.  But eventually exhaustion takes over and even that ceases to be a problem.  Ear plugs were a blessing. 

 This morning we left at 7:30 AM for the job site.  The school where we have the privilege of working is to be blessed with 3 additional classrooms. It is situated in the capital city,Managua, which is a bustling city of 1.5 million, which is one quarter of the population ofNicaragua.  The ride there of about 30 minutes takes us through morning rush hour which includes the usual cars, trucks and buses with a healthy mix of bicycles, scooters, horse and donkey carts and pedestrians randomly crossing the streets. It’s organized chaos with a dose of beeping horns and waving arms to oil the process of everybody getting to their destination.

 The scenery is a varied and colourful.  Dusty narrow, speed bump regulated streets to wider, stop light roadways often marked on both sides with a large variety of shops in various stages of repair with no apparent marketing strategy. Random streetfood vendors are to be seen at almost every street corner and in between. 

 Upon arrival at the school we were greeted and welcomed by the principal and the  teachers, who expressed not only their gratitude but also expounded on the value of our work as related to the growth of the school.  Scripture was read followed by prayer and a brief dance performed by three students.

 Then the work began.  A new classroom has to be able to withstand earthquakes, which means a foundational framework requiring the digging of 13 square holes about 3 foot  square and of varying depth from 3 feet to 7 feet.  We dug, hauled debris, joked, sweated and consumed copious amount of water using our unaccustomed muscles in 34 degree weather.  God is gracious and we survived.

 The day is now done and the four of us are sitting around reviewing the days.  It’s now 7 PM and team fromAlbertaandBritish Columbiais expected to arrive at about 9:30 PM.  We are not sure if they will join us for large team devotions each night and I am not sure if we will be able to stay awake long enough to find out..

 This is the first blog and our intent is to do this on a daily basis.  We thank God for  the prayer and financial support from all who have enabled this experience to happen.




Chris VanderVeen
Feb 3, 2017 at 9:21 am

Hi Rick,

Great article.You're a natural when it comes to writing.When is your first book coming out? Praying for you so that you may have the intestinal fortitude to continue.

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