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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

un-Belize-able 2 comments

Our Team:

We are just about done...  Here.

We finished the work.  We laid the cement after we carried it all up the stairs.  We tiled and grouted and painted.  And it all looks great.

It would be tempting to say we're done, well almost done including the flight.   But just because we soon will be in our own beds and eating steak, or anything without rice and beans and chicken, doesn't mean we're done.  No, it just means we're home.

  They sometimes say you can take the tiger out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the tiger.  The whole idea of going on this trip, coming to Belize, is that we come home but we still have the Belize inside.  You can't undo the impact of this trip on these lives.  We have understood another culture, and now we can live within our own in light of that.  We have eaten with brothers and sisters with less or not enough.  What will we do about it?

So, though we're almost headed home, we're no where near done.  Because this is a lasting imprint in our lives.  You can take the team out of Belize, but you can't take Belize out of the team.

Pastor Brian

PS, I saw a manatee.  Isn't that un-Belize-able?

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Update from Belize 1 comment

Happy Birthday Canada!!  After work today, after a swim and a shower, I put on my Canadian flag t-shirt.  It gets a lot of respectful attention here and I'm so happy to call Canada home.  

Saturday saw us take a 25 mile river ride to an interior Mayan ruin called Lamanai where we enjoyed a picnic lunch prior to a guided tour to numerous temples and excavations; a lovely filled with tropical sights and sounds.  

On Sunday morning we worshiped at a Presbyterian church which graciously invited us over after being displaced from our original church due to African Killer Bees having invaded the night before.  It was a special combined service to thank God for all the educational blessings over the past year in many of the Christian schools in the Corozal District of Belize.  

Yesterday and today we continued our work at Concepcion Presbyterian School pouring concrete, laying tile, and grouting.  With this great team we are continually getting ahead of the available supplies.  Today we finished the floor and prepared the walls for painting.  Since our hosts never expected we would get this far, they will get the paint early tomorrow morning.  Again and again we are made aware of God as our strength.


Written by: Wilma Grin 


P.S.  We are at the mercy of Belizean wifi and cannot always get a blog out on time when planned.

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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Work Day 1 0 comments

After a delicious breakfast at our hotel we made our way to Conception Presbyterian School, where we met Julio, our on-site mason.  We had seen the project we would be working on the previous day.  Now we began the work of "pouring" a concrete floor in the auditorium of the school on the second floor.  Through the course of the day we hauled thirty-four 100lb bags of cement, 170 buckets of sand, and 15 buckets of gravel up two flights of stairs and into the auditorium.  We mixed the cement with shovels and spades, usually five or six people at once, and soon realized we needed to relieve each other every ten minutes or so.  We dripped buckets of sweat for most of the day; it was some of the hardest work we had ever done, but we finished our job -- much to the amazement of our hosts and ourselves!

Tonight, during out devotions, we discussed loving God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength.  I was struck by the last part of that verse: loving God with all our strength.  I feel that's what we really did yesterday.


Written by: Wilma Grin

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Thursday, June 26, 2014

We have arrived!! 1 comment

Well, it has been an incredibly long day, but we have arrived safe and excited into Corozal Town, Belize.  Most of us have been up since 3:00am to being our travels to the airport.  Our journeys began with excitement from the first ten minutes in the plane before we took off, when Troy nearly lost his passport.  Thankfully it was found quickly (under his seat) and the rest of our travels went off without a hitch.  We arrived in Belize city at 12:30pm (2:30pm Toronto time) and met our first contact from the Concepcion Presbyterian School, Alvaro, a local pastor who is involved with the school.  He brought us out of Belize City and through the countryside where saw many Belizean things, like huge fields of sugar cane and booths with vendors selling everything but the kitchen sink.  What really struck me most was the juxtaposition of wealth.  As we expected, there is rampant poverty throughout the country; even the capital, Belize City, looked more like a poor country side town than a growing city, but even amongst that we saw a number of houses and people that were clearly quite wealthy.  After this bus ride we were brought to the school and introduced to the job that we would be working on this week -- tiling the auditorium on the second floor.  It looks like hard labour, but promises to be rewarding in using our gifts to help those less fortunate and share the gifts of God with all.  We are all very excited for our first day of work, and even more excited to see what new and delicious foods and culture we will be introduced to.  It will be a great pleasure to seve these people in the name of Jesus and hopefully we may be blessed by our deeds and learn a new respect for the earth, our brothers and sisters in foreign countries, and most importanty our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Written by: Marcel Van Helden

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