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Friday, March 29, 2019

Sweat and Tears 0 comments

Our Team:

This morning started with Principal Ricardo explaining to our team the longing, hope, and desire the school has had for a new concrete floor in the courtyard. Layers of gravel, sand, tile, and cement have been added over the years, but when rainy season comes, water doesn’t drain properly.

Standing water makes the playground unusable. Mud and dirt and water get everywhere and the mess is hard to clean up.

They were patient. And hopeful. And then longing turned to excitement when they heard EduDeo was going to help with a project that would solve their problems.

Today, the hope became reality: Drainage! Cement floors! Water storage! Amen!

The big mixer has a hopper for wheelbarrows full of sand and gravel. Bags of cement and buckets of water are poured in.

Old school in the new school: using a water filled hose to find level to ensure the height of the cement is correct. Water only runs downhill!

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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Classroom Presentations 0 comments

Students took time to share cultural ideas with the classes here. The topics included sports, food, activities, government, and games.

Students were poised and confident. The presentations led to wonderful conversations and many questions!

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