April 1, 2017

Day 10: Cultural Day!

Gateway 2017 School2School HANDS Team:

  Today was such a fun day! We had the opportunity as a team to experience a cultural day together - where we could see and experience some of the land and culture of Nicaragua firsthand. We started our day by traveling to a local potter’s shop. The store is run by a woman and her son and family. We watched a detailed demonstration of how the pottery was made and how long it takes for one piece of pottery to be ready for sale, from start to finish (22 days!). The artistic craftsmanship of each piece is simply stunning! Afterwards, we spent some time shopping in the little store, deliberating and choosing pieces of pottery to bring back home. Each piece was carefully wrapped and packaged in order to ensure they arrive home safely.

     We left the potter’s store and traveled to a zip-lining company at the foot of the Mombacho Volcano. The lines run from tree top to tree top, passing over coffee plants and jungle forestation. The view is absolutely beautiful as you zip above the greenery! Even though some of us were nervous and uncertain as to whether or not we could do it, everyone went ziplining and had a blast as they rode the lines in a variety of styles including “Superman” (Or SuperChica), or upside down! Absolutely exhilarating!

    We had lunch at Tip Top Chicken in Masaya, a meal much like what you would find at KFC at home. Then we went to the famous Masaya Market for an hour of speed-shopping. The markets are packed with colourful items of clothing, paintings, jewelry, and tapestries. It is a busy, vibrant place where people shop and barter with the vendors.

    Our next stop was at Masaya Volcano. The Masaya is one of the active volcanoes, where you can actually see red hot lava at the bottom of the volcano - everyone was incredibly intrigued and enjoyed experiencing something so unique in person.      

    We stopped at Pizza Hut for supper (Yes … Pizza Hut!) and then ended the evening with a powerful and personal reflection time together as a team. What a great day!


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