April 5, 2013


Gateway 2013 HANDS Team:

DAY #5 – The Worksite at Alfarero


It was another hot day today!  We got up and put on our paint clothes and got ready to work for the day.  After breakfast we traveled to Alfarero Christian School, the site of a renovation project.  Our job for the day was to brush off the walls and steel rods from rust or debris, and to repaint.  Part of the project is also to remove the old tin roof and replace it with new sheets of tin.

The team worked hard throughout the morning … singing songs together while we worked.  With a large group, we were able to get a fair bit of painting finished, which is nice.


Another job that we helped with was unloading new tin pieces to replace the old roof on the classrooms.  Some of the boys went to help pick them up and then we all worked together to unload them and carry them quite a distance to the worksite.  It was strenuous labour and everyone worked hard, without complaining … they were awesome in their efforts all day!  While one piece was being unloaded out of the bus, it slipped and cut Eric’s arm …. So, Lester, Eric and I made a trip to the local hospital for 4 stitches!  They were very efficient and quick, and we were back to the worksite in no time!  So Eric will be bringing a keepsake home from Nicaragua that none of the other team members can boast of (and let’s keep it that way!!!).


After we finished working we went to visit Martha at Azarias Christian School … this was the worksite of our very first HANDS team 2 years ago.  Martha is an incredibly loving woman who makes everyone she meets feel welcomed and loved!  She is the Principal of the school and has 170 students in her school each day for classes.  She also runs the afternoon Compassion Program in her school and has 450 students come to this program each week, including a program for young ladies on Saturdays (ages 15-30).  When we asked her when she rested and regained her own strength, she said on Sundays!  Martha is a true example of love in action!


After supper we had a presentation on the history of Nicaragua.  We covered 500 years of history in a little over an hour and a half … we learned a lot! 


It has been another wonderful day … a day of working, sweating and enjoying serving together!



Student Highlights of the Day:  Day #5

Today’s Students:  Victoria and Brendan


"We went to the Alfaerero Christian School today and helped with painting the bars on the school and carrying the sheet metal in for the roof. I really enjoyed working there because during the kids recess we played soccer with them and they were so happy and open to talking with us. I love the younger children because they tell Spanish stories and then just laugh when you try out your Spanish. We also visited another school and the way they smile and talk to us is incredibly special and welcoming! They are so friendly and you can't help but love them :)" Victoria Klassen


"At the work site the desks that they had in their classrooms were a lot rattier then we would accept in canada. Many of them were broken and we did what we could to make them a little nicer by painting them a brick red. Since the roads were so narrow we had to carry 12 foot roof metal through streets that were dirt and very uneven with sewage water flowing through them. I enjoyed meeting Marta at the Azarias Christian School and even though we only spent a short amount of time with her I found her extremely loving and caring and the hug that she gave me was full of love. I am tired, peace out Canadians. Ees so spicy" Brendan McKinney 



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