April 2, 2013


Gateway 2013 HANDS Team:

Today was a wonderful full day!  From the moment we got up we were on the go!  Breakfast was at 6 am and then we were on our way to the school.  School begins at 7 in the morning and is finished by 12 noon for the students here.

Our first day at our new partner school began with us having a devotional assembly with grades 6-11.  The pastor shared a devotional with us and then the different classes had presentations with us.  We were immediately impressed in the way that they had prepared for us.  Each class had presentations that they shared, whether it was memory verses being recited, or songs that were shared with us.  They were so welcoming and so excited to share with us.  We shared a powerpoint about our school with them and sang a song for them as well. 

Next we had a devotional time with the primary students.  The children were so beautiful as they again shared presentations with us.  What a beautiful way to begin the day!


Our first activity was a time of crafts with the grade 4 class.  We taught them about Canadian Geese and how, if they work together, they conserve energy and are able to fly much farther than if they tried to travel on their own.  Then we went into their classroom and worked at making a paper puppet of a goose with them.  Their classroom is approximately 15 feet by 15 feet in size. At some points we had almost 40 people in the small little room …. It was hot and tight, but the relationships that were forming made it worth it!  It made all of us acutely aware of how blessed we are to have the school facilities that we have at home!   So often we complain about the condition of our facilities … it was a good reminder of how blessed we are!


We had a rousing game of volleyball together in the courtyard, which ended up being entertainment for most people in the school.  In  fact, the game became so exciting for those playing as well as for those watching, that we altered our itinerary so they could continue to play longer.


The next class we visited was the grade 6 class where again we made crafts with them.  We taught them about hockey masks and how they are designed creatively to reflect the personality of each individual goalie.  Students then designed and coloured their own goalie masks.  The students were excited to have us interact with them and quickly it became easy to share with one another. 

Their English teacher speaks very good English and led our group and the Grade 11 students in a combined English / Spanish lesson together.  The students did a great job and enjoyed matching English and Spanish terms and interacting in a classroom setting together!


Lunch was again a wonderful meal that we had along with the Grade 11 students.  Following lunch we had some free time before we were to help work with the students in the Compassion Program.  Knowing we had some free time, we asked if we could go for a walk throughout the neighbourhood.  We were thrilled to have some of their students take us o a tour around their neighbourhood.  We were humbled to see some of their simple homes, and yet how proud they were to show them to us! The streets outside of the school compound are definitely not what we would call “safe” or beautiful, and we are surprised that the church and school are set right in the middle of this neighbourhood.  Later, it was explained to us … This school was founded as a mission school … to bring the students in for an education, but teach them the Word of God as well, so  their families could learn about the Lord and eventually had the opportunity to become a Christian and to join the church!


We made crafts and served snacks to the children in the Compassion Program for part of the afternoon.  It was fun to interact with the young children and to get a small window into how the Compassion Program works.


Then we were treated to an afternoon “talent show” where students from Bautista and students from our group were asked to share a variety of talents.  We were not quite prepared for how formal this event ended up being … their school had MANY rehearsed presentations to perform to us, to parents and members of the school.  We heard songs, poems. Musical pieces, skits, and even a dance.  From our own team, Cameron sang a song, Nathan played his guitar and Kirsten played the piano and sang a worship song.  They did a fabulous job!   It was a wonderful time together!




Today's Students:  Cameron and Eric

We said our goodbyes and went back to the Nehemiah Center for supper.  It was a long day … but a wonderful day!  We are already feeling friendships begin to forge together and we are excited for the time that we spent together.  We felt so welcomed and so blessed to be among our new friends.  We went to bed tired, but blessed!

"Today was our first day at our partner school. We had a great introduction in the chapel. As the day went on we got time with the grade 11, 4, and 6 students. We ended our day with a talent show where both the children and people performed and I was one of them. A little boy named Moses is crippled and in a wheel chair but his spirit touched me. He does not settle for a hand shake …he needs a hug from everyone." Cameron Allan Moyes


"We spent today at our partner school and met the rest of the school and were united with our grade 11 friends. We did crafts with the younger ones and I met a really interesting boy in grade 6 named Brayon Jose, he knew a lot of Spanish and loved taking photos with us. At recess we got to play volleyball against the grade 11 students which was an awesome bonding experience. They didn't really have a spot to play so they set up a net from the window to the rail on the second floor across the courtyard. It was cool how they made this work and the whole school was there to watch and cheer us on.  Later on at the camp most of us were face timing but Cameron was face planting …that was also very memorable."  Eric Moltzahn


Apr 3, 2013 at 11:36 am

Thanks for doing such a great job of keeping us informed. Thanks also for being faithful in representing - representing your school and your Lord. Love y'all and praying for you.

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