April 18, 2012

Homeward Bound!

Gateway HANDS Team:

It was a short night and an early morning!  Our alarm went off at 3:30 am and we were loading up at 4:15 to head off to the airport.  Despite long lines for tickets and customs, we were on the plane in plenty of time, and on our way back home again!

There was a HUGE line for customs in Houston, causing us to barely reach our gate in time for takeoff ... We were relieved to have an hour's delay before takeoff, allowing us all to grab a bite to eat (since none of us had eaten yet that day).

The flights were relatively uneventful, filled with plenty of sleep, and quiet reflection time for each of us.  We were sad to leave our friends, the beautiful people and places of Nicaragua so soon.  But it was also nice to see our families waiting for us as we walked through the doors at the airport!  It was a warm welcome back home again!

We are all so thankful for this opportunity ... to be able to serve and to be served ... to work to help to bring about change, while being changed ourselves.  God is good!  We give Him all of the praise and the glory for this experience!  We pray that He will continue to reveal Himself to us as we remember this experience and process all that we have seen and experienced.  We so feel blessed!


Apr 2, 2016 at 6:26 am

Dear beloved pastor/ president in Christ,

Greetings of wonderful work of Redemption are to you in the much praised name of our Benefactor, Jesus Christ.

Introduction; we are the elders and pastors .jesus grace gospel churches. In India. We are hail from respectable families. ‘BUT WE PREACH CHRIST CRUCIFIED) I CORI 1; 23. And doing Gospel since 32 years sincerely and devotedly. My pastors gave baptisms to many persons and turned many towards Him in these 32 years successfully. Through my Testimony and His blessings.

ABOUT MY GOSPEL WORK;- we have 8 congregations in different places. Arranging Gospel campaigns in remote Urban areas, Distributing gospel literature , church planting, serving poor people, proposal for starting an orphanage home, old-Age home, Night prayer Meetings, conference, arrange gospel meetings,etc.We are working 1.Kalagampudi, 2polavaram 3.penumadam,4.Arundatipet 5.Garuvu 6.dindi7.pedapet 8.Elamanchli .These all church believers all are poor people. The believers are daily laborers. There are widows, orphan children and old age people, lepers, AIDS people, and orphans who lost their parents some children begging in Railway and Bus stations some children working in Hotels sleep in the flat farms due to diseases in our congregations. These people have no support of any kind. Kindly pray. “PURE AND UNDEFILED RELIGION BEFORE GOD AND THE FATHER IS THIS TO VISIT ORPHANS AND WIDOWN IN THEIR TROUBLE” JAMES1;27. Your work is really admirable and very great. I wish to work along with you. Praying for you all.

Our Needs;- orphanage support, pastors support, widows , old age people support vacle for gospel work,

We have seen your Address, Name of the Church, your work and beliefs in the web-site in Internet. Your work is really admirable and very great. We wish to work along with you. Kindly keep me in your mailing list and do recognize our ministry needs as members in your ministry and give me a chance to work along with you. Praying for you all.

After reading this letter we hope that you would certainly help me and encourage me without fail. Your gracious help is requested in any manner as per your convenience to any one of our above needs or all needs as per your interest and valuable prayers. We are all praying for good family and good ministry. Please pray for our church members and elders and deacons.

Enclosed photos.

1. photo showing Our church members,

2. photo showing My pastor giving baptisms.

3. photo showing our people begging in front of Hindu Temples,

5. photo showing orphan children eating food road side.

Yours lovingly brothers,

Pastors; ELDERS.

1.Pastor. Paul 1. M.ratnaprasad

2.Pastor. M.john 2.Krishnamurthy.

3.Pastor. V.ramarao 3.Anjanelu nalli

4.Pastor. Danielraju 4. Mark chekaramelli.

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