April 14, 2012


Gateway HANDS Team:

Today was our “Cultural day” … a day for our team to be tourists in Nicaragua!  We had a very busy and full day, but an incredibly fun day!

First we visited a potter who gave us a demonstration in how the pottery is formed, how the designs are created and how they are decorated and coloured.  He explained the firing process and how the entire process takes 22 days to complete a piece of pottery from start to finish (including the time needed for firing, etc).  His work is absolutely stunning and we purchased some of his work to bring back with us!

Next we went to Mombacho for a ziplining canopy tour … what a blast!  A couple of team members were a bit worried, having never been ziplining before.  But in the end we all had such a great time!!  We all enjoyed ziplining from tree to tree, and trying different style of ziplining including Superman and Superwoman, and going upside down.  It was so much fun!

Then we went to Granada and had a delicious meal in a beautiful setting along the edge of Lake Nicaragua!  We enjoyed the view of volcanoes in the distance and the sites of the lake around us!

We went on a boat tour on lake Nicaragua, touring through some of 365 islands scattered around the lake.  These islands are privately owned and have houses built on them.  

Finally, we went to Masaya Volcano, which was emitting a lot of sulfur and steam from the crater below, and making a great deal of hissing noises.  We hiked to the top of the trail to the lookout point, but the tremendous amount of smoke/steam made it difficult to be able to see completely into the crater.  However. we still enjoyed the view and were in awe of the activity that you could hear coming from the volcano!!  It was quite something!

Our drive back took us to Pizza Hut for supper, and then back to the Nehemiah Center.  

Our evening devotion time has become a favorite part of each day for our team, where we have spent time reflecting on the day, encouraging one another, and praying together.  Tonight was another evening of meaningful reflection together.  While we found ourselves missing our new-found friends from Monte Hermon and Bautista Libertad throughout the day, we also had a memorable day together as a team!  We felt spoiled to have been able to have enjoyed such activities, and felt blessed to have been able to experience!   … It was a GREAT day!!!  

PS:  For more pictures, check the tumblr blogsite


Apr 16, 2012 at 10:03 pm

Thanks for keeping up todate on all the activities. Sounds like you,re all having a wonderful time and a great experience. See you at the airport.

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