April 12, 2012

A Full, busy ... GREAT day!

Gateway HANDS Team:

Today started out in full force right away!  We had breakfast at 6:00 am and were at our partner school of Monté Hermon by the time classes started at 7:00. (A normal school day at Monté Hermon runs from 7:00 - 12:00).

We began the day by having a class with the grade 9 and 10 students, comparing legends, myths, and tales from each of our countries.  We discussed the differences between them and what God’s word has to say about them.  We are working on an activity, furthering this lesson, and will be sharing it with the entire school later in the visit.

We also attended the students’ English class with them and worked at their English speaking abilities and at our Spanish speaking abilities.  We were partnered with someone from Monte Hermon, and worked together to help each other out.

It was a privilege to enjoy a wonderful time of eating lunch with the grade 9 and 10 students at the home of Daniel and Darling Aragon - the founders of Monté Hermon, and Darling being the Principal.  

Our students were challenged after lunch in playing with the younger kids … many piggyback rides, wrestling and tussling matches, playground playing and soccer … they tired out in the heat quickly, but had such a great time playing with the kids!

We enjoyed visiting with a preschool class in the Compassion Program that takes place at the school a few afternoons a week.  Although they started out being quite shy and reserved,eventually they were convinced to sing us some songs.  Once we heard Father Abraham in Spanish, we sang it for them in English as well.  We also played a game with them that is similar to Duck, Duck, Goose.  They are incredibly cute and sweet children, and we thoroughly enjoyed playing with them and interacting with them!

We were given a tour of all of the Compassion Classes that were taking place, and we were informed of how the program works.  This is a branch of Compassion International, and it was an eye opener to see the program in action!  

Later in the afternoon we played hockey against students from Monté Hermon.  We began by lining our two teams up and facing each other.  Then we sang our national anthem to them, and they also sang their national anthem for us.  After that … it was all business!  :)   We played hard in those hot temperatures, but they were good too and played passionately as well.  We came out the winners. but not by much, that’s for sure!

We were taken on a walking tour to some homes around Montée Hermon, and were incredibly humbled by what we saw! …. We are SUCH a blessed people when it comes to our material goods!!  Yet there is SOOOO much that we can learn from them as far as satisfaction and gratitude!  

Finally we headed back to the Nehemiah Center in time for supper.  We enjoyed devotions together, and an evening reflecting on what we experienced today.  It was a long and busy day …. but a really full and wonderful day!! 


PS:  To see more pictures, you can view them on http://gatewayhandsteam2012.tumblr.com


Apr 12, 2012 at 7:54 am

Thank you for the update! I was exhausted after looking at all the pictures! Such beautiful children! What a great day indeed! Hello & Hugs to All!!

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