July 7, 2014

It's Monday

Fraser Valley HANDS Team:

It was quiet, the bird sang softly in the tree, the sun slowly crept up the sky spreading it golden rays across the broad Nicaraguan sky.  We slowly were drawn from the land of dreams and sleep talking in Spanish to the lights and sounds of the Nehemiah Centre in Managua.  There once again, our great leader left cards for us on the table.  These cards were full of encouragement that would help us through the day!  Then for breakfast guy-o-pinto (that’s how it is pronounced not spelt) along with eggs and ham, fresh fruit and toast.

After breakfast we met Pablo who spoke to us about the work that the LORD is doing through ACECEN.  ACECEN is an association of four partners one of which is EduDeo.  ACECEN is working to bring good Christian education throughout Nicaragua.  The four partners take on different parts of this task.  They are working together to build school building as well as training the teachers.  There is also work with the parents so they understand that a Christian has God in every area of life and education and that working in the trades is also glorifying to God.

After this we drove to back to Matagalpa.  In Matagalpa we went to the School Baptiesta.  We took the grand tour and heard about God’s great work in making this school happen.  We also heard of one family dedication to school and how their hard work started the school back up after the school was flooded and had to close down for a number of years.  After the tour we sanded, stained and varnished the bathroom doors.

After this we went back to our Matagalpa home where much to Harry’s delight we had potatoes for supper.  Following supper we did our daily devotion.

After this everybody split up some went for a walk, Hannah got tips on how to play guitar, other read or went to bed early. (Alyson, the best leader ever, spent her time writing cards again, she is the best!)

It was a great day.  God is working here in Nicaragua raising for Himself generation that will sing his praises.  Our God is an Awesome God! 


Jul 8, 2014 at 1:01 am

Thanks for the update and pictures. Much appreciated. Praying for you all.

Jul 8, 2014 at 10:43 am

Enjoying your posts! Looks like you are all enjoying the work that God has sent you out there for. Enjoy your last few days. Alyson looking forward to hearing more wonderful stories when you come to Edmonton

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