July 4, 2014

Today was one of THOSE days!

Fraser Valley HANDS Team:

So… let us sum up today in one sentence.  People got sick, shoes got stolen, and a monkey peed on me.

Last night was a bit of an adventure for a few of our team mates. We do not know exactly what was on the menu, but half of the team ended up getting sick.  (Don’t worry we did not eat anything strange… we think).  Whatever it was, 3 of our team members were down and out for the count, and the rest of us took it easy. (Don’t worry mom… we are okay!)

But our adventures did not end there. Today was a first in the history of Lester’s life… our shoes were stolen. We had taken our shoes off yesterday in order to keep the ground from becoming SUPER dirty. All with the intention of bringing them in before going to bed, but alas: we forgot.  The good thing, only three pairs of shoes were stolen… the bad part: one of the pairs was mine. Steve, Alyssa, and I are now the proud owners of some incredibly stylish skater shoes. Steve is pretty worried his shoes will not match his outfit, as they are “ Nicaragua Skater shoes for teenagers” of which I would like to point out he is about 10 years past.   (Cara had one shoe stolen, but we found it on the road about 30 steps away from our house.)

At Matagalpa we planted some plants and started on the trench. We left early so that we could take a ride back to Managua. We are going to do the touristy thing tomorrow and climb a volcano, and go zip lining. Zip lining is so safe… they let 1 year olds do it.  We will then go to church with Nathan and Kim, and then enjoy God’s creation at the ocean.

After we arrived at the Nehemiah Center, some went to bed and others went over to Nathan and Kim’s house to rock and roll. (We needed to bring some rocks for Nathan to fix his foundation. *insert appropriate pun*). We took a quick dip in the pool, and hung out with Dexter the monkey. I was lucky enough to hold the monkey last… but then I was asked to put it away. Dexter does not like his cage. He and I had quality time as he clung to arm for dear life while he also marked his territory… on me. HURRAY!

After dinner, the team enjoyed “Christmas in July”! We gave each other gifts, that had some sort of meaning. Steve does not want to take out his lego and play police, but I guess Mason will get that privilege when his dad comes home.  WOO is now celebrating his Canadian background rocking a Canada tie.

There is now a hush over the center as most are getting their beauty rest.

~Be God’s~ 


Jul 5, 2014 at 12:01 am

:( I hope that all team members are feeling better soon!

We will continue to pray for your safety and health.

Thanks for the posts, they help.

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