July 2, 2014

Welcome to NCA Matagalpa.

Fraser Valley HANDS Team:

Our rise and shine time this morning was 6:00 am. Some begrudgingly rolled out of bed, while others jumped up ready to take on the day. We knew from the beginning that today was going to be hot, but we were jittery with anticipation of our first day of work. After a most delicious breakfast of pancakes, eggs, rice and beans; we were ready to take on the day. As we loaded ourselves into the car, there was a sort of hush, a little nervousness, as we drove to the school.

Our day started by joining the secondary and primary classes in devotions. We were asked to lead the message for the students. Alicia and I (Alyson) told the story of Daniel and his friends when they first came to Babylon. It took some getting used to as we had a translator, and we both talk a little fast. In the primary assembly I told the story of David and Goliath. (although because we just finished talking about Daniel, I often mixed David and Daniel… sigh!)  The best part of devotions was listening to the students sing praises to God in Spanish. What a blessing to be surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses. It is such an unbelievable blessing to know that we can praise God together as a body of Christ from anywhere in the world.

After devotions we were given a small background of the school, and were given some of our assignments for the day. And off we went! Some of us (the guys) went straight to the muscle work of mixing concrete, others started digging palm trees up for transport, and the rest of us sanded down doors so they could be re-varnished.  We were also invited to help out in various P.E. classes and English classes. (It was so much fun speaking English with little grade 1 students! There was a lot of laughter…)

We worked hard; there was a lot of laughter, a lot of mispronunciation of Spanish, some teasing, and an unbelievable first day. By 4:00 PM we had finished our first day at the campus, and left with excitement for what tomorrow will bring.

We travelled back home in high spirits. As we walked into the hallway of our house, we noticed the most interesting… (a little icky) bug. A rather large roach greeted the girls as they were about to walk into their room. Harry in a most chivalrous manner picked it up and “showed” Hannah before bringing it outside.  Showers were had, and relaxing began except in the kitchen. Lester had arranged for a plantain chip lesson for me. (Don’t worry mom I did not cut any phalanges off!) Harold joined me, and we had a plantain cook off. Needless to say, they were enjoyed by everyone at dinner time and we both came out on top. (Okay… someone a little bit more on top, but we are supposed to be humble. ;OD) 

We look forward to a restful evening, and a great night sleep. Tomorrow is a new day, and we are so excited to see what God has in store for us to learn!

~Be God’s~


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