February 27, 2013

Day 10

Fenwick HANDS Team:

Today was our last day with the people of San Narciso, working alongside those that we have become friends with.  We will be leaving Belize tomorrow, with a great love for the people that we have spent time with these past 10 days, it will not be forever, for one day we will be together in our eternal home.

We share a love for the same God, He is our Father and we are all His children, brothers and sisters in Christ. We will continue to pray for the people of this congregation and for the families of the children in the school. We have left a piece of our hearts here and they have touched us all in a special way. It was a joy to serve you with the building that we did and with the teaching in the classroom and we were blessed with the way you served us each day.  The smile on each of your faces as we worked with you daily and the love you showed to us with the little things, like asking us if we are all ok, or if we have enough to eat, or if we could teach the children some new songs.  We all enjoyed the work that we have done, it was hard, it was unknown to us, but to know that we have helped to build a room that will serve the children of San Narciso, the future of their village, it has been a blessing to us.  We have learned much from those we have spent time with, some new skills, but also new life skills. We were spiritually fed by pastor Alvaro and his family and we were reminded that the 2nd coming of Christ will be upon us. We are not to wait to have all things ready for His return, we must be ready NOW. We were reminded that the promises of Christ are true for both this life and the next.

We did do more work today at the school as well as visit another Presbyterian day school in the area, but today was about the people that we have been touched by these past 10 days. We all ate together this evening and we said our goodbyes to our friends. We had a gathering together after work today and spent time sharing and laughing and singing.  God has been good to us and has shown His love to this team.  We hope to be able to continue to shine for Him as we return home and carry on the love of Christ to others, to be His hands and feet in our own town, with the people that live with us everyday.

The pictures today are not about us, but they are about the people that we have been spending time with these past 10 days, our brothers and sisters. Please meet Pastor Alvaro, Elsa, Leydi, Corina, Sian, Venancio, Zair, Angie, Alicia, Sherly, Daniel, Rosaura, Heidy, Mitsy, Hilda, Veronica, Keila, Marcelina, Rosalba, Haly. We have been blessed in one way or another by each of these people and we thank them for showing us such kindness. The children of San Narciso are abundant and we were blessed by them daily as well. We enjoyed spending our days with them.


Feb 28, 2013 at 11:55 am


Get home safe.

Feb 28, 2013 at 6:53 pm

Wow!! it's over..hard to believe for most of you I am sure...by the time you read this I pray that you have arrived home safely...God has been good to you and the people that you met, worked with, and also those who blessed you with the little things..So glad that everyone was kept healthy and able to be a small/BIG part of the team..Can't wait to hear more stories and see lots more pictures...See you all soon...hugs and blessings one more time...Hilda and Hans

Mar 1, 2013 at 9:15 am

WELCOME HOME..LLOYD&ANITA, KARL&WILMA, TIM&KATHY, ED&ANS, ANDRIA AND DEVON...So glad you are all back safely after a busy day of travel,,enjoy a day or 2 of rest and trying to get back into whatever will be 'normal' again for all of you..God has blessed you so much and can't wait to hear about more when we get together..p.s. thanks for the HONK last night as you were driving past our house ..we heard you...and it was GOOD to hear..hugs and blessings Hilda and Hans..

mom and dad
Mar 1, 2013 at 4:41 pm

Great talking to you Tim. I think this experience will change you forever. wonderful pictures Kathy, good job.

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