February 21, 2015

Day 6

Edmonton HANDS Team:

Today was a full day that was full of fun activities and amazing sights.

We began our day by visiting an authentic Nicaraguan Pottery shop where we learned the fine art of moulding clay.

Monique tried her hand at the potters wheel and saw just how much skill it takes.

After the pottery shop we were off to our next adventure at the Mombacho zip line. We went down multiple different zip lines at break neck speeds strung up along the Nicaraguan tree line.

After zip lining our busy day continued in Grenada where we went on a scenic boat ride on Lake Nicaragua. We got up close and personal with the monkeys on one of the islands, who seemed to enjoy a diet of granola bars and cookies.

From Grenada we went and visited the Messiah volcano, and witnessed the power of Gods creation first hand. The day ended with a delicious meal at Pizza Hut courtesy of our hosts Peter and Trudi. We look forward to Sunday, a day of worship and further witnessing the beauty of Nicaragua.


tim and patti devries
Feb 22, 2015 at 5:41 pm

That's so amazing guys, looks like you are learning a lot and yet getting to know their culture which is great.

So happy that you can bring joy to everyone there...

Until next day, I so look forward in reading more on your experience..,

One more thing I want to know more on Monique's skill in her pottery lesson..lol..

Have a great day everyone

Tim and Patti

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