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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 10 0 comments

Our Team:

Our final day in Nicaragua arrived. There are a lot of mixed feelings about being at the end of the trip - excited to see family and friends at home, but also feeling like the trip went too quickly. We knew we were in for an emotional day since we would be leaving our friends here in Nicaragua.

We went to the jobsite and we finished the last two purlins, moved a lot of dirt, made forms and mortar, packed and tamped dirt, and poured columns. It was a very hot day - one last heat wave before we return to the cold.

We had a farewell presentation with dancing, music, and many shouts of Muchas Gracias by the students. It was an emotional goodbye, especially when the kids gave us all hugs. The principal brought in a cake and cokes for us all afterwards.

After lunch there was a wheelbarrow race between the team leaders and two of the workers which had the whole group laughing. After a couple hours of work there was a very intense water fight which caught the whole school's attention.

At our final goodbyes at the school, it was announced to the principal that one of our team members has stepped forward and took the financial initiative in seeing that the installation of a water tank and plumbing will take place for the students and staff. Some fundraising will be needed for this project to take place but is minimal when taken on as a team.

Soon came more hugs and emotional farewells to the workers and then we headed back to the Nehemiah centre for one last task: unloading 26,000 Spanish Bibles from a semi-truck. It was hot but as it proved throughout the week - with many hands makes light work. 

Before dinner, we all had a debriefing in which we all shared our initial thoughts and comments. It was moving to hear everyone's testimony and provided more insight as to what God is doing here in Nicaragua when this all is shared with each other.


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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 9 1 comment

We're all pretty sure that today was the hottest, sweatiest and dirtiest day that we've had so far.  We're also noticing our incredibly dirty clothes piling up and some discussion has come up in regards to going home.  Somewhat wondering too what the future holds for our team.  Today was a gift from God where we poured concrete, did groundwork, assisted with masonry, painted purlin and finally came to complete rebar tying.  At the end of lunch break, the pastor and principal of the church and school spoke to us all in translation in regards to how God has been at work there at this site over the years.  It is very warming to hear how much they value and cherish the work and effort we with other teams bring here.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 8 0 comments

Well, after our recreational time here in Nicaragua, today really feels like the beginning of the end.  Today was the first of the last three days here working in Ciudad Sandino and our time was spent tying rebar, moving 700 cinder blocks off of a truck, making forms, moving and dumping concrete and painting purlin.  Upon our block moving chain that we formed we felt that we all needed to loosen up some more so it was decided that we would create a so called back massage chain.  We also enjoyed establishing relationship with the locals and interacting with the students.  We all are starting to feel a little more sore, dirty and worn out each day but sincerely cherish the experiences that we all share with each other. 


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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Day 7 - Day of rest 0 comments

This morning we went to a Spanish church, which for a lot of us was a first time experience.

The first hour was very lively Spanish music with many people dancing, waving, and clapping. We were given head phones with a translator so we could understand the sermon. It had its entertaining moments when the translator yawned and burped, although he did excuse himself.

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