April 7, 2014

Travel day

Drayton 2014 HANDS Team:

Well, the big day has arrived. All the funds have been raised, all the luggage has been packed, all the med's have been bought. We've all bid a fond fairwell to our family & friends as we prepare to spend the +18 hours travelling to Zambia, a small landlocked African counrty in the southern hemisphere. None of us really knows what to expect, but what we do know is that we will have God's blessing & guidence in our travels. Our trip started at 5:35 pm EST with the first leg of our trip to Amsterdam. It was nice traveling to a place where everyones accent sounded familiar, like a family member. After arriving in Amsterdam at 6:35 am local time, our layover lasted a few hours until 11:40, when we boarded the flight to Nairobi for the next leg of our journey. It was there that the size of our trip really hit home. Those jackets that we had been wearing became too hot for the climate. The first real issue of out trip occured when the flight into Malawi was delayed an hour because of staffing issues. It was here where our preconcieved notions about Africa came into play. While we knew the entire flight was by KLM, we didn't pay close attention to the "and KLM affiliates" portion. Our flight to Malawi was on Kenya Airlines. We were a little nervous, but those fears were unfounded. The plane we were in was brand new, and the flight crew was very professional. We were an hour late arriving in Malawi, and more than an hour late finally arriving at the place where we were to stay that evening. Sleep came easily (at least for me) that evening.
   The next day dawned a little too early, but bright & sunny never the less. After a good breakfast, we set out on the road for the final leg of our journey. It seemed strange to us that the road's linking two sovreign nations were all pure dirt and full of potholes. There was one section of road completely blocked by a transport truck that had gotten well and thoughly a few months earlier in the rainy season. We used the "temporary" detour (the bush along the side of the road) that people had been using for some time and were soon on our way again. After filling our the paperwork and paying the $50.00 VISA fee, we crossed the boarder into Zambia. 30 minutes later we arrived at the CCAP Guest house in Lundazi, Zambia.
   We travelled halfway arround the world, but during every part of the trip, we could feel God's hand guiding us along the way.


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