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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Palm Sunday, Zambia style 2 comments

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Today was interesting. Usually, in CRC circles, our Palm Sunday service involves Sunday School kids waving palm branches as they leave for their classes. Today, WE all walked to the Lundazi prison for a community Palm Sunday walk. C.C.A.P., along with 5 other local churches walked a few kilometers into town, waving palm branches and singing what I assume were Palm Sunday hymns in that distinctive african harmony. It was pretty neat being in the middle of it all worshipping & praising God with other christians on the other side of the world. Afterwards, we went on ANOTHER walk to an honest to goodness castle in town. It was built by the english years ago when Zambia was an english colony. Once we get to a reliable (and fast) internet connection, we will be uploading pictures for this and all of the other posts here.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Breaking Bread 3 comments

One of the best ways to "break the ice" with a group of people is to break bread with them. That's what we did today with the bricklayers we were working with at the school. We "bought lunch" for today, and Monday and Tuesday's lunchtime meal as well. It's a great way to get to know the men and it made the afternoon seem more pleasant. We didn't have to feed 5,000 of them, nore did we pick up "12 basketfulls of leftovers", but we came away from the experience a little fuller, and we're not talking about our stomachs.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

What we have in common 0 comments

Today we had a bit of a break and went to see several of the schools that have benefited from being affiliated with EduDeo. It was really humbling to see the dedication of the teachers despite the conditions they work in. In Canada, if a new room or piece of equipment is needed, it is brought before the board, it get's voted on and a funding program is decided upon. Here, if a new piece of equipment or room is needed, they at times need to wait years, sometimes with the room half built, before they can begin to utilize it. We had a free time when we got back. Some of us napped, read or played volleyball with the local youth. It was a great, relaxing way to spend the day. It's amazing how fast you can build relationships with people from a completely different culture. However different we are though, what we have in common is most important, our relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

First day at the school 0 comments

The second day of our trip dawned bright and (not so) early. We walked to the town to exchange some of our dollars to Kwach's, the Zambian currency. Rosa the bus, accompanied by her driver, picked us up for the trip to the Mwasa Day High School for the (usually) 30 minute trip. We were driving along quite nicely, enjoying the sight's, wen we were startled by a loud BANG. Poor Rosa had blown a tire. There we were, on a dirt road, in Africa, with a very flat tire. Thankfully, Philemon, our guide from CCAP called for help. We decided to start walking the 7 km journey to the school and made it part way when a mini-van driven by the people Philemon called picked some of us up and drove us the rest of the way. God can make something good out of every situation, because if we hadn't had the flat tire, we would have missed the mill grinding corn into flour for one of the Zambian staple food's, Nshima. Soon, we all arrived at Mwase Day High School, and experienced a wonderful welcoming ceremony given by the school, it's board and the community. It was humbling to have all of these wonderful people thanking us in such an awesome way. They truly sang and danced with their entire heart & soul.

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