July 23, 2019

Day 9 & 10 - The End.

Discover & Learn Zambia HANDS Team:

It’s been a few days since our Discover and Learn team has blogged. But now, as we’ve returned home, we want to share about our last few days in Zambia. 

On Thursday, we packed up the Toyata land runner with luggage again (13 Canadians sure can pack a lot) and set off for one final trip down “the bounce”, as Rev. Nehemia affectionately calls the road that takes us out of Lundazi. 

We pulled off for a quick visit at Ikwere Primary School. This is a school that is a recipient of a few projects from EduDeo Ministries - including recently receiving desks for their Grade 7 students. Visiting this school was a reminder that there is still a long way to go in adequately resourcing all CCAP schools - while the Grade 7 students had adequate desks, there were desks for about 3/4 of the Grade 6 students, and students in Grades 3 and 4 were sitting on the floor to learn. Earlier this week, during a presentation about the work of the CCAP Education Department, Rev. Nehemia told us about CCAP taking one small step forward for each and every school. That reminder feels apt when visiting a school like Ikwere Primary School. 

After that sobering visit, we travelled on to make our afternoon safari at South Luangwa National Park. We spent the afternoon and early evening gasping and in awe of God’s creation and the powerful and beautiful animals He created. After dinner, some time at a campfire, and one elephant charging scare, we went to bed. 

Our wake-up on Friday came quickly - at 5:30 am, we groggily sat down to breakfast, and then headed back on the safari vehicles for our morning safari. After many Lion King references, we had the opportunity to see two lionnesses and three cubs searching for food. This was fun, right up until a lion walked right by one of our safari vehicles, bringing us far closer to lions than we ever would be at the African Lion Safari. We experienced so much joy and wonder at observing animals in their natural habitat. 

We packed up our luggage again (a recurring theme), and set off to Lilongwe. We work up rested at our beautiful guest house, and took some time to have our final devotions together. This time felt quite precious, because it was time to reflect and process together - not for the last time, because there are still questions and things to unravel in our minds, but perhaps for the last time face to face. We reflected on what practices or ideas we would bring back to our classrooms, what thoughts and questions still kicking in our brain, and what we were encouraged by during the trip. It was exciting to hear people talk about incorporating what their Zambian colleagues are doing in their Canadian classrooms, or becoming more globally minded in devotions. 

And then, we began the long journey home - spanning different airplanes, different airports, and different provinces - and while we have all made it home, there are perhaps a few more things and thank you’s to say. 

Our team was blessed by the hospitality and unity in Christ we experienced in Zambia. We are grateful for the welcome’s we received, the food, the joy, the classrooms and teachers and schools we visited. Thank you, CCAP Education Department, for your generous hosting and patient answering of all our questions - and for sharing your beautiful country with us. 

Our team was blessed by YOU - you who read this blog, prayed for a team member or the whole team, donated, encouraged, or made it possible for a team member to come on this trip. We’re grateful for the ways you upheld us in our time away. We encourage you to now invite a team member and ask: what was a highlight or lowlight of the trip for you? Where did they see God at work? What did they learn in the Zambian classrooms? What are they taking home with them? How has this trip changed them? 

Our team was blessed by each other. This team was brave, curious, adventurous, and kind. They asked good questions, and listened carefully to the answers. They were always up for more. Some were competitive, some were snorers, some laughed so hard they cried, and I think we were all changed. We played a lot of Dutch Bingo - it was fun to travel with a team where someone was connected to someone else, somehow, some way. Most of all, they were the passionate teachers you know and love - the teachers who want to learn from their fellow colleagues about best practices in the classrooms. The teachers who care so deeply about students - students learning and growth. They are the passionate, God-fearing individuals you know and love. They so desire to see the Kingdom of God on earth, and were humbled and privileged to see the Kingdom in Zambia. They walked through this experience with open hearts, ears, eyes, and hands - in tune to God’s leading, watching for God’s work, calling out the image and character of God in this land and in their Zambian brothers and sisters. 

And our team was blessed immensely by God. We’re grateful for God’s protection, provision, and faithfulness to us as a team. For the ways God brought us together, and for the ways He worked in our conversations, our laughter, and our tears. We pray God will continue to be near to our brothers and sisters in Zambia, to the CCAP Education department, and near to us, as we work through everything we experienced in Zambia in the coming days and months. 

“O Spirit of God, be as present in our parting 

as you were in our gathering. 

Be present in our journeys. 

Be present in our days to come. 

Be present in our works 

and in our words

and in our hearts. 

Be present in the bonds of our 

community, Lord Christ. 

Be ever at work among us 

and through us. 



- Every Moment Holy, A Liturgy of Leaving


Jul 23, 2019 at 4:13 pm

Thanks so much for sharing the moments of your trip with everyone! It was a blessing to us to be able to share in your travels and to pray for you all while you were a part of this adventure. May you be filled with rest, health, and a peace that passes understanding as you recuperate, process, and reconnect with loved ones here in Canada. And I pray that you will be filled with courage in the upcoming months as you begin to filter your responses into your teaching and interactions with your students.

Jul 24, 2019 at 3:31 pm

Thank you, Hannah, for capturing our last few days so we’ll. Blessings.

Michelle Helder
Jul 24, 2019 at 8:23 pm

What an excellent post, Hannah! Thanks for writing this. It was a blessing to be a part of this team.

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