July 12, 2019

Day 3 - Visiting Some Schools

Discover & Learn Zambia HANDS Team:

Today was a much anticipated day as we finally got to immerse ourselves in what we all signed up for: visiting the different schools in Zambia who are partnered with EduDeo.

We bounced and jostled our way to the first CCAP school, named Chasefu, the school that Rev. Nehemiah went to as a child. This school went from Kindergarten to Gr. 9, with the Gr. 8 class attendance being a whopping 76 students. That’s right – 76 students in one room, with one teacher! Today was Friday, which meant many students do not come, as they like to have a longer weekend, so that left “only” 60 students in this classroom.

We spent an hour there, enjoying the presence of some very enthusiastic students that were eager to welcome us the moment we stepped foot into their classrooms. Although many were shy, others were quick to shake our hands and tell us their names.

After spending some time with this school, we traveled to the next school named Emasa, where there was a primary (Gr. K-7) and secondary (Gr. 8-12) school.

This school taught over 550 students, and we were greeted by the Head Masters of both the primary and secondary school. The students gave us a presentation of the Ten Through Lines, which we noticed were very visible all throughout the school, inside and out (both this one and the one we visited earlier in the day). Again, the students here were very excited to see us, as we were with them.

Before we left, we were served a delicious meal, where we were taught how to eat maize properly, which meant no utensils.

After a farewell presentation by some high school students, we went into our respective vehicles, and bounced our way back home, just in time to see the village’s soccer (football) game.

A couple shocking things we learned today:

1. There are no limit to classroom sizes

2. Some students walk 5 km one way (that's right, one way!) to get to school

3. School begins at 7am, and ends 11:30 for the younger classes. Then a new set of students would come for the afternoon. The older students have alonger school day.

Today we were blessed to witness the working partnership between CCAP and EduDeo, and a few of EduDeo’s foundations in play, with teacher training being number one. We also were able to see how EduDeo’s other foundation was being used, in the constructing of school buildings.

What a gift today has been – to be able to see that our God is a God of all nations, tribes and peoples. Not only are we sharing and learning from other teachers, we are also learning more about this awesome God and Creator we serve. We pray that this trip will continue to help us to grow as His children, glorifying Him in all that we do.




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