July 29, 2014


Discover & Learn 2014 HANDS Team:

The group spent a lot of time split into small groups today.  The day started by dividing into small groups to discuss worldview, leadership, and special education with the ACECEN facilitators.  After lunch we visited NCA Nejapa to participate in their English program (some of us judged an English music contest while others led a fourth grade class).  We also had the opportunity to either visit a nearby special education school or a blacksmith shop that trains youth in trades.  We ended the day by cooking with our kitchen staff and then enjoyed a time of great discussion and reflection.

As the conversation progressed it was evident that tonight's blog should focus on our appreciation for all Lennin and Lester do for us.

Among other things, we appreciate them for:

- welcoming us at the airport and right away making us feel at home in Nicaragua

- patiently translating for us

- buying toilet paper for us (and explaining that it needs to be deposited in the garbage)

- encouraging us to try turtle eggs (and then buying them for us so we couldn't back out)

- taking pictures for us

- happily eating hot dogs for breakfast

- pleading with a waiter for purified water that we could drink

- driving us around the country despite challenges (including rough roads, crazy drivers, traffic, delayed schedules, meandering cows, flat tires and crazy Canadians hanging off the back of the vehicle)

- kissing a fish and eating it's eyeball just for our enjoyment

- scheduling our trip and strategizing how to fit everything in when things don't go as planned

- explaining what an 'egg fruit' is (eggplant)

- sharing their pride in their country with us (and patiently answering all our many questions about culture in Nicaragua)

- working long days to accommodate our schedule

- finding towels for us in the guest house in Matagalpa (not an easy feat)

- letting us cover them with transformer stickers

- buying our groceries

- putting on the 'seatbelt light' when the roads were turbulent

- helping us accomplish our goals for the trip

- interacting so well with the students (each in their own unique way)

- keeping us safe

- editing menus and buffets so they are 'Canadian friendly'

- turning the AC up/down depending on our mood

- making sure we always have the best view (atop a mountain or at the restaurant down the road)

Overall, what we appreciate is their obvious love for us in Christ as they thoughtfully strive to meet our needs (often before we even think to ask for something) and share themselves with us.


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