July 27, 2014


Discover & Learn 2014 HANDS Team:

Today was amazing. It began with a hearty breakfast of rice and beans, scrambled eggs, toast, pineapple, papaya, and watermelon. We then headed to Pablo’s church where we were greeted with wide smiles and given front row seats next to the air conditioner, the only seats with cushions I might add. Before the service began, we were introduced to the rest of the congregation and welcomed as brothers and sisters in Christ. The service itself began with loud singing and dancing. I would love to say that I participated in the singing, but to be honest I was more mesmerized by the dancers and the grace with which they moved across the floor. It was a work of art! Following the offering and more singing, the pastor preached a message of which I know little about. Based on the verses referenced, he spoke about unity within the church. We were there for the first two hours of the service before excusing ourselves. Though the service wasn’t quite over, the pastor graciously stopped preaching and came down from the pulpit to say good-bye along with a handful of other church members. The whole experience can be summed up in one word: honour. I felt honoured to be there.

After a brief stop at the Nehemiah Center, we drove an hour to the beach. Along the way, Lesther ordered our lunch so that by the time we got there it was ready. Awaiting us were fish and chips (or chicken for those who were less inclined to eat fish). When I say fish, I mean a whole fish – a fish with its eyes, fins, and bones. It brought back memories of my time in Pemba (South Korea), and yes, it was delicious. More delicious than the turtle egg that Lesther encouraged us to try. Imagine a soft ping-pong ball with a runny egg inside. The Nicaraguan way to eat it (or maybe it’s just Lesther’s way) is to tear a small hole in the shell, shake on some salt and add a drop or two of hot sauce, and then squeeze the egg into your mouth. The yoke was partly cooked and the egg whites were, well, runny. Would I eat it again? Probably not. But now I can say that I’ve eaten a turtle egg. Perhaps we will get to try some armadillo before we leave.

After lunch, we went to the beach. The water was warm, the waves were high, and the tide was strong. We swam in groups and were amazed at how far the current and undertow pushed us along the beachfront. Our time at the beach was short lived and all too soon it was time to head home for dinner. Pizza was on the menu.

Lennin drove us to a small restaurant a few blocks from the Nehemiah Centre. (Lesther actually let him drive. He said it was because it was so close.) The restaurant was an oasis with a stunning view of Managua and the surrounding mountains. I hoped that I would have a seat to enjoy the view and not get stuck facing the restaurant, only to realize that the tables were being turned so we could all sit and enjoy the view.

And that’s where I want to end this blog. I have been amazed at the care I have received on this trip. Today is a good example of that, from how we were treated at church to the thoughtfulness of the table arrangement. That’s not to mention having someone else fill up my water bottle, regular questions about how I’m doing, the careful planning of washroom breaks, checking to make sure the ice at the restaurant is filtered, and reminders to not eat raw vegetables. What a blessing it is to be a part of the family of God. This becomes even more real when I think of the short amount of time I have actually known my team members.

- Amanda Baker


Jul 28, 2014 at 10:22 am

I have been blessed this morning, by catching up on your blogs. What an amazing experience for all of you. I enjoy reading the different perspectives. Have another great day of learning, listening, and being encouraged in your calling.

Annette, it looks like you are having a wonderful time!


EduDeo Staff
Jul 28, 2014 at 11:13 am

It has been wonderful to catch up on all these blogs this morning. It has been more amazing reading the very thought out blogs of things you are being challenged by and your eyes and mind open to. It is so exciting! Also love the photos. Thank you to all of you for sharing as it makes it easier to post to Pinterest!! :) Thanks to all of you as well for sharing from your heart.

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