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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Day 11 Arrived home 0 comments

Our Team:

Day 11

We made it home after 12 hours of travel to a shock of cold weather! Plenty of time to reflect on our trip and how we were blessed to work at Alpha and Omega school alongside the very welcoming church and school community. Thank you too all that supported and prayed for the team for last 2 years. Please continue to support edu deo ministries.

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Day 10 Final day in Nicaragua 0 comments

Day 10
Started the day with a tour of the Nehemiah centre and the black smith shop on location. Afterwards it was off to zip lining at Mombacho coffee plantation where we saw some monkeys and great times were had by all. Then we drove to Granada for lunch at the Tip Top. Next was a boat tour on lake Nicaragua in choppy waters where some of us fed some local monkeys. Back to Granada after the boating to shop at the local markets. Then lastly we went to Masaya volcano where we saw bubbling red lava! Pizza Hut for dinner before a debrief with Peter and Trudy. Said our goodbyes to Lester and Trudy. Peter will take us to the airport bright and early tomorrow morning.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Day 7, 8 & 9 0 comments

Day 7
We walked to church which is less than a 5 minute walk from our hotel and is right next door to the school we are working on. The congregation was very welcoming and happy to greet us. Many of the songs we sang were familiar tunes so we were able to sing along in English. We even went to the front of church to sing a song to the congregation. After the service we felt a bit like celebrities- everyone wanted to take a picture with us! It was definitely nice to get so many great group shots. We returned to the hotel for lunch and changed into beach clothes. We travelled to a local river with many members of the church where we had a fun and relaxing afternoon. The new scenery was beautiful and everywhere is so lush and green. We returned to the hotel for a quick change out of our bathing suits and we headed out again for a tour to a pineapple farm. The farmer fed us so many delicious and juicy pineapples; some of us almost ate an entire one! We walked around his yard and tried sugar cane, cloves, and saw many different fruits and vegetables. After the tour we had a short break before supper. We decided to try a local restaurant for pizza. Afterwards we walked to a nearby park where a service was being held. The city has been a hub of activity with all of the anniversary festivities. After devotions many of us headed to bed to get a good rest for our final day of work.


Day 8:
Today was our last day of work at Alpha Omega School. Unfortunately the kids were not at school because of the holidays. after a morning of tying rebar and painting purlins we were ready to pour our last share of concrete. After saying good bye to the workers and looking at all the work we've accomplished this past week we had dinner at the school with the pastor, his family and some of the congregation. After our very good meal, we all received our own hand made key chains and said our goodbyes. Miss you mom.


Day 9
Early last breakfast in Nueva G. Happy 21st birthday to Ilja! We load up the van and are ready to leave by 7:45 for Managua. It's a long hot drive, and the temp climbs the closer we get to Managua, 35 plus! After almost 6 hours and a couple stops, we visit the school the Covenant HANDS team 2015 worked on. So great to see the finished product and reconnect with the people there. Next, to the Nehemiah centre where we will stay for the next 2 days. We enjoy a relaxing dinner and social time and a birthday celebration for Ilja with cake and balloons! Another great day.

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Day 5 & 6 0 comments

Day 5
We started the day off painting purlins, tying rebar and getting ready to pour cement footings. Some of the students came out and presented Helen Lobert with a birthday sign and sang her happy birthday (see video from yesterday). We enjoyed some cake to celebrate. Back to work and the painters exceeded their quota and so did the cement pouring and rebar tying! After a successful day we had dinner with the principle of the school and we listened to her story and the history of the school.

Day 6
Back at it again this morning with more purlin painting, rebar tying and cement preparing. A total of 8 footings poured today. Felt very successful. The team along with the construction crew, and the pastor and his family enjoyed an ice cream to end the work day. Back to the hotel for clean up. Then enjoyed an evening at a local fair for the cities 52 anniversary.

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