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Sunday, February 24, 2013

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Our Team:

 Well, we are home for a couple days now, and I know that myself and the rest of the team are missing Nicaragua already.

 We had a great trip and accomplished much. The work was great, the workers were great and we really enjoyed the community we worked in.

 It was a real blessing to be there, with the full support of church and family and friends. Thanks to all for your prayers and encouragement.

 Until next time...

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 8 1 comment

As the end of the trip is slowly creeping up on us we made our trip to the market this morning, buying souvenirs for friends and family. We started work after lunch and managed to get a whole days workload done in just the afternoon, thank goodness. Now after a lot sweat and a little blood all of the concrete work is finally done. We have been shoving more and more people into our toyota van and have officially squeezed 22 people inside; personal space, not an option. We are getting rewardingly tired but seeing the great progress being made we are still in good spirits to put another hard day of work in tomorrow. The girls have just 25 perlins left to be painted.  

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 7 1 comment

Back to hard work   Morning of prep work, leveling, tamping, loading up more garbage to haul away and of course more painting. After lunch, surprise rice again, it was time to get the cement mixer going.  Classroom three did get the floor poured after a few broken belts on the cement mixer and a few trips to get parts.  Another great day working with our nicaraguan workers and having a lot of fun, lime throwing fights, a few cockroaches, and water fights to cool off some. Our work day went long but our productivity was great. Late supper, well needed showers, devotions and a walk to the store for evening snacks.  The time is going too fast!!

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 6 2 comments

Day 6

It's Sunday evening and a wonderful day of rest. This morning we worshipped in a very large Spanish Pentecostal church. We had 45 minutes of enthusiastic praise singing. What energy! The next 45 minutes was the message from an English speaking pastor from Pennsilvania with an enlightening sermon on feeding the 5000 and Peter walking on water. With God miracles can and do happen in Managua. After a light lunch we went to the Pacific ocean and spent the afternoon on the beach with Lester (our translator and guide), his wife and son. We enjoyed the waves, pelicans, and a meal by the ocean. This evening, Peter, Trudy, Lenin our hosts, gave a brief history on Nicaragua, Edudeo and their work here. Tomorrow it's back to the work site, expected 32C, a cold front for Managua.

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