January 7, 2019

Clearview Day 5: Our Work in Progress

Clearview 2019 HANDS Team:

Today was our second work day on site.  We continued digging holes for the footings, connecting rebar for the concrete, and painting the steel for the building frame.  

The weather started out overcast, but that did not last long.  For much of the day it was hot and sunny.  Better than the snow that we understand fell back at home.  

The hole digging crew endured tough conditions with hard soil and hot sun for much of the day.  They are almost finished the 13 holes that are required and I am sure they will be looking forward to something other than digging.  

The painting crew painted many purlins.  

The rebar is coming along.  Many large pieces were completed today.  In fact, we started placing rebar in the holes this afternoon (including the columns) and concrete pouring will be soon to follow.  We are happy to see things coming together - the fruits of our labour.

Lester, from EduDeo, is our host for this trip.  Lester picked us up at the airport and has been our driver throughout the trip.  He really knows his way around, there  are no street signs and he doesn’t use a GPS.  Lester was also the driver when our youth were here.  He also manages the worksite and makes sure then the material is on site for the work.  

Today at lunch, Lester told us his story of how he fled Nicaragua to the US as a nine year old and how he feels called by God to be back in Nicaragua to be part of the blessing that EduDeo is making to the people of Nicaragua. 

Steve Holtrop, a missionary with Resonate Global Missions here at the Nehemiah Centre, and his family joined us for dinner.  We learned about their life in Nicaragua and were able to ask the children about school and living in Nicaragua. After dinner, Steve gave us a good history lesson about Nicaragua and the work he does with churches in Nicaragua.  


Jan 7, 2019 at 11:48 pm

Sounds like you guys are working hard and being productive, hopefully a party tomorrow when the holes are done! Although it’s hot and sunny in Managua, enjoy it while you can, you’re right we had snow today and ice rain

Jan 8, 2019 at 7:41 am

The snow has melted already...Grandpa and the kids are away to bring garbage pails to the road and get to school on time, and the sun is just orange on the horizon here...perhaps further snow clouds are obscuring its full beauty ...( Last night, after supper, Grandpa told stories of when he was a little kid and they had a goose for supper...etc...)

Nice to see the pictures of you working together as a team. May you be blessed and leave behind as a great a blessing as you will take with you. God's power surges through His people.

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