February 13, 2014

Stuck in Atlanta

ClearView HANDS Team:

The morning started dark and early.  We left the Nehemiah Centre too early for breakfast or coffee after our last cold shower.  

We arrived at the airport had time for breakfast and coffee and waited.  Most of our luggage made it on the plane however Ament donated a beautiful beach chair to Delta!   Our flight out of Nicaragua was delayed an hour....not too bad.  Then there was another slight delay due to a leaky bathroom.  A few minutes later the pilot assured us he thought it was safe to fly.  We arrived in Atlanta and found out that we were bumped from our flights as so many earlier flights were cancelled. We found a young girl named Tatianna (who lives in the Newmarket area) in the airport who was upset about the cancelled flights, so we took her with us.  She spent the remainder of the day/night with us.  

On the bright side we are thankful to be blessed with hotel rooms (the EduDeo team 2 weeks had to spend the night in the airport).  We managed to fit 16 people into a 12 seater shuttle van to get to our hotel and we spent the afternoon relaxing in the restaurant and watching the Olympics. It was an adventurous day, a few people were stranded at Walmart after the hotel shuttle left them there with no ride back.

We had dinner at a lovely Mexican restaurant which was a short walk from the hotel.  After good food and lots of laughs, we finished the night off with snacks and the watching of more Olympics.  Then there were hot showers all around in time for another early morning back to the airport. 


Feb 14, 2014 at 6:37 am

Nice to hear you befriended Tatianna! The Lord is always opening doors for us to bless others.

Continuing to pray for your safety home!

Monica Pacheco
Feb 15, 2014 at 3:29 pm

thank you for looking after my daughter while she was stranded in Atlanta, she is a bit a traveler but that would have been overwhelming for the most seasoned traveller. Before she left I gave her a ring that was blessed at the cathedral in Leon, and we both felt that God was protecting her through your help. Again thank you and may God bless and pay you for your amazing kindness!

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