February 10, 2014

Education Day

ClearView HANDS Team:

We started our day with a tour of a school EduDeo built a few years ago.  We drove out to the Town of Monte Fresco to a school called El Jordan school.  The school covered  preschool to grade 6.  Classes have not started there yet so the only children we saw were a few coming to register.  We spoke with the principal and a few of the teachers.  They told us the history of the school and shared their joys in teaching and their dreams for the future which include a new preschool building.  Their salaries are paid by a school in Managua as there El Jordan does not charge students to attend the school.

They were very thankful for the new waterline that was recently connected (see pictures of the waterline).  The principal’s salary is for teaching and for her principal duties but because of the work load she hired a preschool teacher that is paid out of her salary. It is such a joy to hear their stories as they teach the children for much less money than the public school teachers make.  They truly teach the children at El Jordan because they are trying to better the lives of their students and to better their communities by teaching them the word of God.  What an inspiration they all are! 

Our next school to visit is a vocational school located in the Nehemiah Center.  We met a blacksmith who had been working and training for 7 years.  He is now teaching the students this trade.  He showed us how to make a leaf out of a piece of iron rod.  It was simply amazing.  There was a display set up for us to see some of the other items the students have made.  There is also cooking and sewing classes at this school to give the children new and better opportunities to making a living after they finish school.  This school is the only school in Managua that has a blacksmith program. 

Lunch was at a Nicaraguan buffet.  We got to meet Lester’s wife and his son Carlos and his 6 month old daughter Isabella.  Ament got her baby fix!  They also had a TV on and we could watch a bit of the Olympics and some of our Canadian mogul skiers. 

We spent the afternoon touring around Managua.  We stopped to see the park area around the presidential palace.  Then up the mountain to the highest point of Managua which overlooks the city and Lake Managua on one side and a lagoon on the other. 

Next stop was not on our agenda but Lester fit it in for Mary Ann.  We stopped at the Catholic Cathedral in Managua and walked around for a bit to get some photos there.  Off to the market was next.  We had an hour to wander around and buy local crafts and souvenirs. 

We said goodbye to Trudy and Peter.  We will see them again on Wednesday night for a debrief but will not be spending tomorrow with them.  We had dinner and devotions and time for some games in the evening. 

It was a great day.  We are so thankful for our time with Peter & Trudy and Lester.  They are so much fun and have such great stories to share with us.  They have definitely been a blessing to our trip.


Feb 11, 2014 at 6:42 am

Beautiful Cathedral! Thanks for sharing the photos. Continuing to pray for you guys!

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