February 8, 2014

Cultural Day

ClearView HANDS Team:

The work at the school is done.  Today is the day to “see” Nicaragua. 

We were up bright and early -  the ladies, as soon as they heard the rooster crow and the birds begin to call to each other.  We were off after a delicious pancake breakfast with Lester and Trudy of EduDeo acting as our guides. 

First stop, was to an “artesimo” for a pottery making demo.  The young potter fascinated us with how quickly he shaped the perfectly formed vase using a foot propelled potter’s wheel. 

Next stop, was zip lining above the tree canopy in the Machobacho Volcano district.  We were brave souls as we zipped along 9 lines,  some in a sitting position, some in the “superman” position and the ultimate, some in the “monkey” position (hanging upside down).  Mike Loo and Trudy Kuipers were the two brave souls that choose the latter position.  Mike said it was great for getting all the kinks out of his back.  Unfortunately Margaret hurt her shoulder while zip lining and could use some healing prayers.

We now headed into the old city of Granada, on the shores of the largest fresh water lake in Central America, Lake Nicaragua.  The city is colourful with the houses painted in all the colours of the rainbow.  We lunched lakeside in a beautiful garden with an alligator in the pond and a regal Egret on the thatched roof.  The food was a treat with melt in your mouth steak. 

Lester had an agenda, so we moved to the docks and on to a tour boat for a lazy cruise on Lake Nicaragua.  We cruised around only a few of the 65 islands occupied by the rich and the famous.  The houses were beautiful, but it was the lake, the flowers and the variety of the trees that took our breath away.  And then came the surprise that Lester had planned for us.  He wooed Lucy, the monkey, right off an island and onto the boat with a roll of mentos.  She climbed aboard to our delight, checked the engine area for treats and then visited with most of us on board.

Next we headed off to Masaya to view  the volcano from the rim of the caldera.  It is an active, steaming but relatively quiet at the moment, volcano.

If this was not enough for one day we ended with a pizza party at Pizza Hut.

We returned to the Nehimiah Center tired, wind blown and contented to settle down for devotions and a quiet evening reflecting on all the wonders of God’s creation.


Feb 9, 2014 at 9:09 am

Looks like you had a wonderful day exploring this beautiful country. Stay safe and enjoy!

Feb 9, 2014 at 9:07 pm

I just love seeing these photos!! You guys all look so wonderful. I'll say a prayer for Margaret's shoulder and thank him for sending you and inspiring me.

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