February 5, 2014

Our Second Day

ClearView HANDS Team:

Our Second Day "on the job" in Nicaragua
Our day began early with breakfast at 7 am, followed with callisthenics led by Bruce on the lawn. This time we got away bright and early and started working shortly after 8, and exhibited the leadership qualities Padre Pedro had discussed the previous evening in our devotions from Joshua 1. Each member of the team picked up their sandpaper, or paintbrush, or broom and immediately took up a task. We accomplished quite a lot, and were incredibly blessed by the weather.

The morning remained comfortably cool and partially cloudy allowing us to finish one classroom, and start two others while the men finished taking down the roof in preparation for a new tin roof to go up tomorrow. This did, however, mean that when the sun drove away all the clouds, there was very little shade to be found! The temperatures definitely climbed into the mid 30's, but we were determined to finish as much as possible before 4:30 pm. We were fortunate that a young Nicaraguan business man (ice cream vendor) happened by during our afternoon break to provide us with most welcome ice cream at an unbelievable price! He was instructed to return tomorrow at 3 pm!

Our lunch hour found us listening to 'Directora Lea', principal of the school we are renovating and painting. She shared with us how she came to teach there, and her vision for adding a vocational program in the future so that students would be able to learn a trade and find jobs which would lead to a better future. She was very moved by our desire to volunteer in our tasks and also appreciated that we prayed for her.

Returning to our guest house, none complained that our showers were not as hot as the ones we might take at home, and as we gathered to share our evening meal, we had opportunity to listen to Peter Kuipers, our Project Manager for EduDeo, tell the history of Nicaragua. 

All in all a full and fulfilling day. Thank you, Lord!


Feb 6, 2014 at 8:28 am

So helpful and interesting to read the daily "happenings." I will continue to pray for good health, rest, weather and outreach potential for all. God Bless!!

Harry B.
Feb 6, 2014 at 5:34 pm

Not so sure that ice cream is allowed :). Can you send one to the Philippines, along with those GI sheets? Great reading your blog every day. May God continue to bless each one of you.

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