January 15, 2014

Building momentum as we prepare ourselves.

ClearView HANDS Team:

3 weeks more to our departure on February 3 and we have reached 102% of our fundraising goal! Thank you all for your prayers/support, and to those who have contributed financially to this mission.

The school expansion project we are participating in Diriamba Nicaragua builds upon earlier work by others and the funds raised are used towards costs of material, local workers/partners in the construction, and in sending our team there as co-workers. We are truly thankful for God’s hand in making this possible and in exceeding our fundraising goal.

At our last meeting on Jan. 8th, we had the occasion to reflect on and dwelt deeper into the `culture shock` as we struggle with a western and wealthy version of Christianity -  how others who have less materially see Jesus through their eyes -   do we know or choose not to know the poor? – being inoculated against further engagement as we feel we have done our part from a short-term mission. Shane Clairborne ‘s thought provoking Irresistible Revolution is a good read as he shares from his personal journey.

We also shared ‘life verses’ that are personal cornerstones in our individual walks with Christ, expectations we have of others and of ourselves in this mission project, as we encouraged one another and prepared ourselves spiritually for the trip.

Role assignments were also finalised as we went through checklist/packing list to ensure any loose administrative details are tacked down.

As we move closer to D-day, our next meeting will be on Jan 19th with a commissioning service planned for Sunday Feb 2nd .

We ask that you continue to have our Hands team in your prayers as we take on the responsibility of being representatives of ClearView with humility.



Jan 31, 2014 at 9:36 pm

I pray that you will be blessed by the congregation as they commission you to serve and as you finalize your preparations! Thank you for being part of an EduDeo HANDS team. It is an answer to prayer for me and I know you will all be blessed as you reach out to be a blessing!

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