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Friday, February 14, 2014

Safely home 2 comments

Our Team:

We are happy to report that we arrived back in Toronto around noon this morning.  After spending the night in Atlanta, we arrived at airport early this morning for our 7:25 scheduled flight.  Our flight was delayed to due to a maintenance issue then further because one of the scheduled crew members was stuck in Ralieigh, NC so they had to find a replacement.

Our flight left approximately 2.5 hours behind schedule.  It was a good flight.  

All of our luggage was recovered and we departed from the airport back to our homes and families in Mississauga/Oakville/Burlington.

We thank all of you who prayed for us, read our blog and supported our trip to Nicaragua.  

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stuck in Atlanta 2 comments

The morning started dark and early.  We left the Nehemiah Centre too early for breakfast or coffee after our last cold shower.  

We arrived at the airport had time for breakfast and coffee and waited.  Most of our luggage made it on the plane however Ament donated a beautiful beach chair to Delta!   Our flight out of Nicaragua was delayed an hour....not too bad.  Then there was another slight delay due to a leaky bathroom.  A few minutes later the pilot assured us he thought it was safe to fly.  We arrived in Atlanta and found out that we were bumped from our flights as so many earlier flights were cancelled. We found a young girl named Tatianna (who lives in the Newmarket area) in the airport who was upset about the cancelled flights, so we took her with us.  She spent the remainder of the day/night with us.  

On the bright side we are thankful to be blessed with hotel rooms (the EduDeo team 2 weeks had to spend the night in the airport).  We managed to fit 16 people into a 12 seater shuttle van to get to our hotel and we spent the afternoon relaxing in the restaurant and watching the Olympics. It was an adventurous day, a few people were stranded at Walmart after the hotel shuttle left them there with no ride back.

We had dinner at a lovely Mexican restaurant which was a short walk from the hotel.  After good food and lots of laughs, we finished the night off with snacks and the watching of more Olympics.  Then there were hot showers all around in time for another early morning back to the airport. 

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Last full day in Nicaragua 2 comments

It's with sadness but thankfulness to God in all his glory that we submit our last blog to everyone before we depart for home in the morning.  We were not able to blog yeasterday as we spent the night in the mountiains with no Internet service.

A very full on but awesome last two days as we travelled up to the mountain communities in Matagalpa and an overnight stay at a coffee plantation medical clinic run by Accion Medica Christiana (AMC). Very thick jungle foliage and narrow winding roads made us feel like real jungle missionaries but waking this morning to beautiful scenery and unheard of sounds made us appreciate the intricacies of God’s creation even more.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Education Day 1 comment

We started our day with a tour of a school EduDeo built a few years ago.  We drove out to the Town of Monte Fresco to a school called El Jordan school.  The school covered  preschool to grade 6.  Classes have not started there yet so the only children we saw were a few coming to register.  We spoke with the principal and a few of the teachers.  They told us the history of the school and shared their joys in teaching and their dreams for the future which include a new preschool building.  Their salaries are paid by a school in Managua as there El Jordan does not charge students to attend the school.

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