November 9, 2013

Some Relaxation

Chipolopolo HANDS Team:

It was a unanimous decision to have today off. Yah, we get to sleep in. It`s very hard to sleep in when the sun  rises at 4:45 a.m. and the students are playing soccer and blowing the whistle at 5:30 a.m. on the soccer field next to the guest house.  None the less we all needed a day off for rest and relaxation. 

Philemon had the privilege of escorting 8 women shopping in the village market .  It is said that the village people think you are a hero if you associate with white people, they think we are hard to get along with. Shopping can be a long process not only with 8 women but also most store clerks do not have the change needed and need to run across the street to get the proper change with every purchase made. Thank goodness Philemon had lots of patience and we got all our shopping done.  

That afternoon we played volley ball with the church members while the small children played their games with Jacqualyn.  The children love to touch our skin and sit on our laps. In the evening we were privileged to meet  Lloyd and his daughter Tamara  from Lusaka who are Phil and Janice`s friends. Tamara spent much time with the girls in colouring and painting fingernails!   

Lloyd is the Youth Coordinator for the Church of Central Africa for all of Zambia.  He conducts leadership seminars and seeks to equip young people with skills to provide for themselves and their families. He encouraged us to keep strong youth programs in the churches to keep the youth in our churches, as this is also a concern in North America.  Lloyd’s vision includes equipping young people with skills so that they can provide an income for themselves and for their families.  He has seen this happen with two young women who desired to start a restaurant.  They received a loan in 2011 and opened in December of that year.  They have already paid off their loan and are striving to build up their capital. Lloyd believes the youth are the church and need to be included or we will lose them.  He is very passionate about his ministry which is evident in the way he speaks.



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